Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checking things off the list

Here is sweet baby Connor. Awww.
And here are some things we've done from the list.

#1 Make a fort and sleep in it
I had to wait for a day when nobody had taken a nap so that they might actually fall asleep in the fort. That day came today. They wanted to make it in our bedroom, but somehow that didn't sound like much fun to me. We settled for the living room.

#60 Sing Primary Songs

#87 Play duck duck goose (gotta love the easy ones)

#79 Make tinfoil boats
#78 Find out what floats
Not the best picture of Marissa (could it be because she stayed up till midnight the night before?), but you can see what floats.

Some things that float? Pretzels, pencils, most of the play food, lotion, blocks, Mr. Potato Head glasses and cardboard until it gets wet. Some things that sink? Marissa's tinfoil boat, string cheese, crayons, nail polish, apples, sunglasses and wet cardboard.

#84 Make the Solar System
This was actually a pretty fun one, though slightly more time consuming than I would have liked. We had to research the order of the planets as well as their sizes. We hung it on the ceiling fan and it actually looked like the planets were orbiting the sun--that is until someone turned it on high, got them all tangled up and stopped the fan while the motor was still trying to spin (unbeknownst to us). That was the end of that and hey, nothing caught on fire (though the fan was pretty hot by the time Jared found out about it).

This picture is so funny to me because of their attire. Erin always grabs the first thing she sees, weather it's long sleeved, a size too small or if it matches or not, but it's something different every day. This outfit ended up okay. Marissa, of course, usually has clothes on at some point in the day but seems to end up spending a majority of time in just underwear, a diaper or nothing at all. Alex is so particular with his clothes and I don't know what his reasoning behind his choices are either. I'm pretty sure this was the third day on this outfit and it has yogurt popsicle stains all over it. He often tells me he can't find anything to wear, and no matter how much I try to convince him to wear something clean from his drawer it doesn't help. He'll go looking in the dryer and if that fails his only other option is to go through the dirty clothes for the right outfit. I guess one plus is that there are fewer clothes to wash. But just to prove that he does indeed have other clothes, this is his drawer--all put away by him of course. He seriously can't find anything in there? At least Connor will have some barely worn hand-me-downs.I thought I would show a picture of what my entryway looked like after the solar system project. My entryway actually looks like this in some variation (blocks, puzzles, books, play dough, crayons, or all of the above) every day. I know it's the most open spot in the house, but why do they think this is their play room? But then, what does it matter? I just had a baby, I'm tired, we're trapped in the house all day, and if anyone wants to come over, they just better be good enough friends with me not to care. After all, I can't care right now, though it does seem like we clean this area quite a bit.
I will also tell you that about half an hour before starting this, Marissa was standing on a chair in underwear right next to me while I was feeding Connor. I started to get splashed on and realized she was peeing on the chair. Why didn't I put a diaper on her after that? Good question, because as we were painting, a naked Marissa pooped on the floor and on part of the paints. Then somehow, she stepped in it and left a trail of poop-prints until I could pick her up. Gross! Maybe that's why the project seemed like so much work.

As if I didn't learn my lesson. Today, things got a little crazy and I was attempting to multitask: Erin was asking me to teach her a song on the piano, Marissa was trying to use a sharp knife to cut her own cheese, the baby was crying and the grilled cheese was burning. So I picked up the baby to feed him in one arm while making a new grilled cheese with the other when I got splashed on again from the underwear queen who was standing on a chair right beside me. Luckily, Erin is 6 and very helpful. She took care of most of the cleanup and taking her to the potty, twice today actually. You'd think I'd be able to keep a diaper on her, but no. I can't keep up and I know it. I'm stuck living with burned lunch, stuff everywhere and bodily excretions to clean up until... who knows when? Someday I might actually miss these days. Gotta love these kids.


Lisa said...

Laura, I am always so happy when I see a new post on your blog. I love the way you write and how you always make me laugh.

Love the solar system! And 'poop prints' is not really funny (as I know too well) but the phrase does make me giggle.

Callie said...

I do feel bad for laughing but you make it sound so funny! Poop Prints are okay if you are that young right?

I love that you have made the summer fun list and that you are actually doing them. I made a list once and then neither of us did anything about it. Major kudos for doing it :) Keep these posts coming and have I told you recently that Connor is ADORABLE!