Sunday, October 7, 2007

We have entered the Blogosphere...

Well...we have finally done it...and here we are...officially part of the blogosphere (is that even a word?). You can expect updates only sporadically and at fairly random hope for the best. I couldn't find a decent picture of the entire family (Family pictures are on our short list of things to do), but I did find a cute one of Erin and Alex playing in our mini pool outside...and they love to play in the water!

So...what's been happening here lately? Not too much really. There haven't been any exciting hurricanes in Florida this year but the rain has been fairly consistent the past few weeks. Our yard is finally completely green...but there are way too many weeds. I'll be spreading some weed-killer soon. My latest project has been installing shutters for the windows on our house. I have successfully installed them on 2 windows...there are only 8 left to go! But I have all the equipment and supplies that I need to complete the the plan is to do one or two windows a week until they are done (or all of them very quickly if a hurricane is coming in).

Laura continues to excel in her architorture classes. She has 3 of them this semester, but that is manageable because she is not taking an actual design class. She has been on a cleaning spree lately and dejunking our home. She has done such a good job at this that she rewarded herself last week by getting the carpets cleaned! She has also convinced me that I can have a reward once I get all the shutters installed...hmmm...I think a table saw would be nice :).

Erin is continuing to go to pre-school, and really likes it. This simple act of needing to be somewhere by 8:00 am has really regularized our schedule. I am now getting to work earlier, and leaving work at a more decent hour. I've also stopped working from home so often...probably because the project I've been working on for the past while is also slowing down, but's a good change. Erin is such a great helper around the house, and loves to play with Alex.

Alex is now walking everywhere! It's great fun to watch him as he still needs to concentrate on exactly what he is doing or he will fall...and as a result his arms are held straight out for some balance and fall-protection, making him look a bit like Frankenstein, complete with a wide step and lurching walk. A bit amusing, but hey...he loves being able to get around! And because he can get around, he gets into plenty of trouble. A couple of weeks ago he managed to open the toilet lid and climb into the bowl, where he promptly sat down and began crying for Mom or Dad because he was stuck! Gratefully he only did this twice before moving on to other endeavors (such as placing as many small objects as possible into our sub woofer...where the only way to get them out is to remove the speaker from off the back).

Well..that's all for now. I'm sure that Laura will have more to say in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.