Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sick of sick

So having one sick kid is no fun. Two sick kids is even worse. But having the mom sick at the same time? I found that has been the worst. I guess I just keep thinking that we're almost better, but then I feel worse. Erin's missed two weeks of school, Alex has been sick for 5 or 6 days now and I've had something for over 10 days. Enough already! It's basically been a head cold, sore throat, and fever that's moved down to a chest cold and a nasty, never-ending cough that is so strong I feel like I'm throwing out my back and puncturing a lung at the same time. The worst is the kids when they don't eat or drink anything and lay there moaning on the floor and I feel like I don't have the energy to help them. Jared's escaped the hacking, but he's had a lot of the burden of taking care of everything placed on him lately. I'm sure this will pass soon, but I just had to say I'm sick of being sick!

Looking at these pictures made me remember how happy the kids usually are (hope for the future)

The frosting is the best part of the cupcake
(notice how easy it is to get dirty 5 minutes after a bath)

Alex loves being outside and riding bikes.
He can go out to our patio through the cat flap any time he wants.


Sunday, March 9, 2008


Just some random thoughts...

So our ward just changed to 8:30 church due to the fact that there will now be four units in our building until restoration on the Ft. Lauderdale building is done. That's 8:30 am... is it just me, or is that really early? And of course they chose daylight savings Sunday to make the change! That makes it 7:30--just to point that out. Let's just say church was a bit sparse at the beginning of the meeting. And after a great suggestion by one of my primary kids, we all took a five minute nap at the end of class today (I wouldn't mind doing that every week).

Okay, so I understand why my stomach has to grow during pregnancy, but why do my thighs, bum and arms have to get so big too? Is that really necessary? The last two pregnancies I borrowed clothes from a friend, but since she is 7 months pregnant now I felt a little awkward asking for them again. I do have some of my own, but I did need to get some more. The maternity clothes shopping trip was when I realized how big I was and that I needed clothes that don't just fit me now but will still be comfortable in a couple of months. (I don't think getting fat is ever easy even if it is for a good reason like having a kid).

Lately I've been feeling for the first time like we're actually a normal family. Not that we are "normal" in any way, but just in the sense that we do what a family should do. Because of Erin's pre-school we get up at a normal hour every day, go to bed at a normal hour, eat dinner together every night like a normal family, and run the dishwasher more than once a week (which reminds me, I need to go start that). This may not seem strange to anyone else, but because Jared never had to be at work at a certain time, because I always had late classes and design projects I worked on till all hours of the night, and because we are habitually night owls, there was no reason to have a normal family schedule. What I'm getting at is it's kind of nice living a normal life with the minivan and 2.7 kids.