Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quotes and more

These kids love to play the "planno"

Kids just have this way of making you smile or laugh. I always think that I need to write some of those cute things down so I don't forget them. Here are some that I can remember.

On the plane ride home we said to Erin "Say goodbye to Utah." She said "I don't have to and I don't plan on it!"

The other night Erin asked me when daddy would be home. I said "when scouts is over." To that she said, "What? This is an outrage!"

Last night Erin said, "Jesus' dad is Henry Father."

I took her down to the Maternity Center for my ultrasound and when she got out of the car she exclaimed, "Oh, I love this hospital!" I couldn't believe she remembered it so well, but she did come with me to almost all of Alex's appointments and I guess it wasn't all that long ago. She used to love hearing the heartbeat and playing on the playground they have outside (they are very child friendly). Erin really wants a sister and insists the name should be "Capa-jaya-site". At first I thought it was something she just spouted out, but every time I ask her, that's the name. (I hope she' isn't too disappointed if we don't go with it.)

Alex's new favorite word is "Gum", which he says in a pathetic, whiny, begging voice that is only cute because he's so little. I tried (again) to get pictures at the studio with him the other day and the only way he would sit down is when I gave him the pack of gum. After that he wasn't crying but he certainly wasn't smiling either. He was too focused on pulling each piece out of the box. I think we ordered one picture with the whole pack in his hand, but we're going to have to go back without gum next time.

A week or so ago Jared told him to throw away his diaper. He went to the edge of the room and did just that, he "threw his diaper away"--right into the hall. Now he knows the word garbage and loves throwing his diapers and other things away.

His other new thing is getting on Erin's bed and saying "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" which of course comes out "No ma mo ka da da ah bah!" He doesn't really know how to jump yet either, so it's more of a stomping. It's very cute, though I probably shouldn't be encouraging bed jumping.

Every time I ask who wants to say the prayer, both Erin and Alex raise their hands and say "ME!" It works if you ask any question in the same tone. The other day when the kids were really tired I asked, "Who's crabby and needs a nap?" They both raised their hands and said "ME!" like it was something they didn't want to miss out on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I had an ultrasound today. Apparently the 16 week estimate was wrong... the baby is measuring over 20 weeks! Here are some pictures. It's just so weird that there's a baby this far developed in me and I had no idea. I was expecting to see a peanut like I did with the other two kids (both around 8-9 weeks), not this. I don't think anyone could have been more surprised than me. It's really funny. Anyway, the new due date is June 2. Oh, and we are not finding out the sex of this one. The technician said that it was moving around so much that it would have been hard to see what it was anyway. It was also hard to get a clear shot because of the movement, but some people are good at reading these. Good luck!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big news (read the end)

I guess it's about time we updated our blog. We didn't get a Christmas letter sent out so we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! December was a busy month and we were in Utah for most of it. We had a great visit with family and friends. It makes me wish we lived closer... but then I go outside in shorts in January and reconsider (at least for now).

While in Utah I watched as much HGTV (design shows) that I could since we don't have it. When we got home we had this strange urge to replace the lights in our kitchen, a project we've been wanting to do for a long time. That of course turned into three days of pulling/tearing/scraping off all the wall paper and a couple more of taking off the popcorn ceiling. Once the house was sufficiently dusty and resembled a construction zone I started school again and lost most of my momentum for doing the kitchen. We'll post pictures when it finally gets done (hopefully soon).

Another happening in our family is our unusually long streak of throwing up. We haven't gone a week since mid November that someone in our family hasn't thrown up. Every time I think our luck will change, it will happen again (like Alex's projectile vomit on the plane--a personal favorite--or Erin's various episodes at night). Last night I heard Simon, our cat, throw up at almost the same moment as Erin did. Amazingly, the cat's was the only one that got on our new carpet.

I feel that it was worth mentioning because with all that barfing, I should have been the one to be doing it since I found out last week that I am pregnant! I kind of feel like an airhead for not knowing; after all, it is my third time. Since I went from nursing to being pregnant without a period (but I'm normally not regular anyway) and not having any signs at all, I was completely surprised to hear I was about 16 weeks! My only clue was developing a gut, but I attributed this to getting older and needing to work out more. I will go on Tuesday to get a more accurate ultrasound, but right now the due date is June 30. We are very excited for this new addition to our family, and hey, finding out so late sure makes for a shorter pregnancy.

Here are some pictures from December.

Erin on Christmas morning
Alex eating the marshmallow decorations off the tree

Playing on the big ball

Playing in the snow, burr!!
Erin carrying tons of stuff around the house.
I think she said she was going to a wedding.

Erin and Daddy, how cute!