Saturday, July 10, 2010

MyMetronome is now Published!

I now have an officially published Android Application! 

I guess this is what you get when you combine 3 degrees: Software Engineering (Me), Music (Laura) and Architecture (Photoshop experience - Laura).  It's nothing really special (as far as mobile apps go), but for me it is really something :).  MyMetronome is (in my opinion) the best metronome on the Android Market...and I've looked at a lot of them.  It has a lot of features that simply aren't available in some of them, and it is built in a form factor that is easy to use.  I can't stop thinking of optimizations / changes that I would like to make...but at some point you just need to take what you have and get it out there...nothing is ever perfect.  In fact, when I first released it I received a comment almost immediately that it didn't work (no sound, and a force-close).  The phone I use to test my applications is based on the Android 1.6 version.  Apparently the way I implemented the sounds wasn't supported the same way on the next release of Android...2.0.  This certainly wasn't the perfect launch I was hoping for!  By the time I was able to get the update released 60+ people had already downloaded the app, and 1/3 of them had uninstalled it.  They can now simply install the update (they are notified that there is an update available) but it is not quite the same as having a functional app from the beginning.  Oh-well...such is life sometimes!

It really did take a while to get the images and coloring to be what I wanted.  Most of the functionality was working a long time ago, but optimizing some things, fixing a few bugs and making sure it looks and feels good when you handle it actually takes some time.  Hopefully even if you know nothing about music you'll be able to use it.  A full description of the app is on my website.  If you have an Android phone, please download it and let me know what you think...just search for "MyMetronome" within the Android Market.  I have uploaded a free evaluation version, as well as a paid version.

I think my next project will be a pitch-pipe, which I will probably integrate into the same application.  Not sure exactly when I will begin that project...I guess it depends on my own personally available time...

Do you have any good ideas for a mobile phone application?  I'd love to hear them!

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Alan Daniels Family said...

Nicely Done! I wish either of us were that smart or creative. Mostly we come up with stupid ideas that already exist, like fart machines.