Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Update

I guess I have three more days until my due date, I just saw it on my blog--that's how I know. Yesterday I went to the doctor, as well as about 150 other expecting mothers, waited in the waiting room for an hour and a half and had a quick 5 minute appointment (and I had the earliest appointment). He checked me and said I am 2 cm dilated, which is always a good sign--sorry if this is TMI. All afternoon and evening I was having a lot of contractions. It got to the point that Jared and I really thought the baby would come in the middle of the night or today. It was enough of a push to get us to clean our whole house, do three loads of laundry and finally think about packing a hospital bag. You would think I was using "labor" as an excuse to get Jared to help me clean the house, but really I was too embarrassed to have our nighttime person come over to see the mess. Its effects have all but been reversed today however. Anyway, I determined that the two most important items to bring to the hospital are Chapstick and nail clippers--there's nothing more annoying than a hangnail, except maybe chapped lips. I just now thought of a pony tail holder too--my bag is really small, it's more like a pocket. There's probably other stuff I should bring too, but somehow nothing else seems as pressing. And in case you are wondering, those contractions stopped. Now I am just embarrassed that I called the nighttime friend at 11 pm to tell her "this might be it".


triciathomas said...

I am right there with you on the chapstick and nail clippers thing!! Good luck!

Corrine said...

Good luck! Keep us posted!

Alan Daniels Family said...

FLOSS! Chapstick and floss. I'm not much of a flosser, but when you have something stuck in your teeth and no way to get it out, in my mind that may top chapped lips.