Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marissa is two!

Today is Marissa's birthday! I know, June is ridiculous for birthday's in our house. We have two more to go so don't think your done hearing about it. It's like Christmas, just not for Alex or me.

On Friday we had a casual birthday get together with some friends for her and another little girl in our ward who turns two tomorrow. We went to this little sprinkler park which is way less stressful for me than a swimming pool would have been based on the no drowning hazard. But it is freaking hot here right now so water was the only option. The kids had a great time playing and cupcakes were a hit. What could be easier? Especially since the other mom planned it all and did all the inviting. My kind of party.
Every time she gets in a swimming suit she thinks she has to wear goggles. Come to think of it, she wants those goggles on any time she sees them. The other day she fell asleep on me with them on and when I took them off, she woke up demanding I put them on again. Silly kid.
Someone gave her sunglasses for her birthday and the goggles were easily replaced. Cute, huh?This morning when she came in my room and I wished her a happy birthday she started jumping around saying, "Yeah, it's my birthday!" She's been excited about it all day. Marissa is still a petite girl, but she is very verbal. People are surprised that she can talk so well because she is so small, but somehow or another she has become quite a little communicator. Recently she began to insist on saying every prayer and will start to yell, "Let me say it!" in the middle if someone else says it. Last week she started yelling that during the sacrament prayer. Good thing this phase doesn't last forever. Today in sacrament Jared was reading her a book called "I am a Child of God" and each time he finished she yelled "I am a Child of God" over and over till he read it again.

Three days ago she took off her diaper, put the little potty seat on the toilet and went. The next day she sat on the potty for over 30 minutes just sucking her thumb and waiting, but she actually pooped in the potty. Today we had to completely undress her about four times so she could go potty over and over again (evidently you have to be naked). I'm not saying she is potty trained, but she is my first child to do this so early on her own. Anything that makes less work for me is welcomed.

Another new phase in her (and our) life is that she started climbing out of her crib about a month ago. She used to go to bed at 8 pm and wake up 12 hours later, but no longer. She's realized that going to bed is now a choice, an optional one. One that usually means she will get up 30 seconds after we put her down and stay up till 11:00 or so. To complicate things even more she refuses to sleep in her own room anymore because she wants to be with the other kids. So we decided to set up a toddler bed in the corner of their room where they can all be together. We're still getting used to it, but it seems to be working okay. At least the other kids don't get up. Naps for Marissa may or may not happen, depending on the day. One good thing is that since all the kids are in the "sleeping room", I moved all the toys into the "play room" so the mess is more contained and they actually play a lot in there now. This, of course, will all change once child 4 needs a room.

Marissa loves playing with her friends and siblings and is always involved in their games/schemes. She is such a joy to have in our family and we love her so much! Happy Birthday!


Cheryl said...

She's just cute! Personality and all.

kkerr said...

Happy Birthday Marissa!

Alan Daniels Family said...

Play rooms are the best. I'd put all the kids in one room if I thought that I could squeeze them in. 3 beds in a 10x10 room just isn't happening. She is so cute and getting so big. Have I mentioned recently that I wish we lived closer?

Callie said...

Happy Birthday Marissa! What a cutie and the party looked way fun!