Sunday, June 13, 2010


All right. This is getting annoying. I keep hoping it will happen, but then I find myself waking up to yet another day of being mysteriously still pregnant! Is this my punishment for finding out I was pregnant with Marissa at 20 weeks? I'm wiling to guess that all of you who are so jealous of that part didn't go 8 or 9 (or more!) days over your due date. Considering my history of going late, I was mentally prepared. My distraction method worked pretty well, until I hit the 5 days over mark. Then I started to lose it. I can only clean my house and wash my maternity uniforms so many times thinking it's my last time without going crazy. FYI, it is not a good time to tell someone in my situation that you spontaneously had your baby 2 weeks early. I know looking back it's not going to matter, but it doesn't make right now any easier. One good thing about not having him today? His birthday will never fall on Friday the 13th.

For whatever reason, this child is hanging on. Everyone keeps asking and wondering, including you, which is one reason why I couldn't go to church today. I let Jared and my mom field all the comments without me while I took a very quiet nap. Not to mention there was nothing that fit me. It has gotten so bad that I started a 1000 piece puzzle yesterday hoping to not be able to finish it, and well, it's looking pretty close to being done. If I have to pull out the 1500 piece one this kid is in big trouble!

Hey, even can't fathom a baby still being inside me. The baby disappeared after 41 weeks. And if you click on the days/weeks part it says I have 9 days left. Click again and I have 2 weeks 2 days to go. They can't figure out a better way to show you are overdue? I cannot be the only person who has ever gone over their due date. I assure you, there is still a baby in me.

I had an ultrasound last week and the results were good, as far as the baby being healthy and having enough fluid and such. Translation: the baby can cook a little longer. She also noticed that there was a lot of baby in there, which does not surprise me. Her estimate was 8 lbs 3 oz give or take a pound, though my doctor assured me this baby is not big (we'll find out). And it's not like nothing is happening. I have been in early labor for at least two weeks with contractions on and off, been dilated for as long and a week ago I was 50-60% effaced. I don't really want to be induced because I've heard the labor is a lot harder, but we'll see what the doctor has to say tomorrow. Also, I've tried just about every method to put yourself into labor naturally and my conclusion? Yeah, they don't work. Not until your baby is ready anyway.

Wish me luck for the 14th!


Lisa said...

Good luck!! I was only two days late with Brian, and I cried. It SUCKED. I'm rooting for the 14th.

Cheryl said...

Good luck for the 14th (it's a good day to be born, eh? You can start the 14th club to compete with my 23rder club). I hope that means you aren't able to read this until after you have #4. Or, in other words, maybe you're in labor at the hospital right now? If not, just curse my name and have that send you into labor. Seriously, good luck!

Mrs. Potts said...

I just wanted you to know that this post is giving me a lot of comfort right now.

And I can so relate to the part about NOT wanting to hear stories of people who had their babies early.