Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You know it's cold in Florida when...

You have to turn on your heat for the first time since last year and you get that "first heat of the year smell"

You get a call from the elementary school advising you of the severe temperatures and to dress your child warmly

Your son can't understand why he should wear pants if he's not going to church (and he doesn't)

Walmart and Target have completely sold out of coats in one week

You don't let your kids play outside because it's too cold, when usually it's because it's too hot

You have to wear socks

Your husband gets an email from human resources explaining that the building does not have heat and other arrangements should be made

Your daughter only has three long sleeved shirts and she's already worn them all to school this week

Your friends from Utah make fun of you for wearing flannel pants, a sweater and wrap yourself in a blanket when they opened the window at night because they were too hot

You can't find enough blankets

You don't want to take a shower because being wet sounds way too cold

Your child won't go in the garage because it's too cold

You are afraid your baby will freeze to death at night because she won't keep blankets on

You go to the doctor and he tells you this is the first time he realized the building didn't have heat

You get an email from the university advising you to be careful how you heat your rooms

You don't go to the store (or anywhere) because it's just too cold

You make hot chocolate and your kids can't figure out what you are drinking because they've never seen it before

You are surprised that you found 3 hot chocolate packets in the house

You make soup for dinner to warm you up

You want to sit on the couch all day wrapped in a blanket

You have to scrounge around for your 10 year old nylons to wear to church

You get yelled at by another parent for picking your kid up while wearing flip flops

You have to dig around the garage for the container that says "winter clothes"

You find your husband wearing a jacket in bed


If you haven't noticed, we 1) are having a 2 week cold front and 2) are big wimps! I really don't know how anyone in cold parts of the country does anything besides hibernate and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go and do it again any time soon. We are one of the lucky families that has heat. Some of our friends are living in coats, hats and shared body heat. It's even gotten down to the mid 30's at night! So until this frigid weather blows over, you will find me in the same made fun of wool sweater sitting on the couch un-showered drinking warm liquids wrapped in the warmest blanket I can find wearing socks and all. So how's your weather?


Lisa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is hilarious. As I type, it is 4 degrees outside (our high in SD today), winds from 39-52 mph giving us a wind chill of -23 degrees. Wanna visit??? I guarantee we can toughen you up.

Heather said...

way too funny! After living in Florida and Phoenix, I did feel like I moved to a frozen tundra here in Utah. Buy more hot chocolate!!! :)

oh - and super congrats on being pregnant. I hope everything goes very well. And it's super crazy that they won't do a v-bac on someone who's already had a v-bac. I hope it works out for you.

HeatherIsHere said...

It never occurred to me that buildings wouldn't have heat. Interesting. You poor poor little thing, how quickly you got Utah out of your system. But, in your defense, 49 degrees without heat IS too cold, no matter what state you live in.

kkerr said...

Funny post! I can't believe those buildings don't have heat. That's crazy! Be prepared, Florida. I'm a little tougher than you. Once it's below 50 I'm in hibernation mode. Too bad I have to take Anna to school everyday. It's been so cold here. 30s but like low 20s with the wind chill. We're using space heaters and wearing fleece in our house. Last year I stayed inside for January and February. I ate and gained 10 pounds. You don't have to worry about that. You can blame any weisht gain on the baby.

Yitein said...

you are too funny Laura! I miss you! keep warm! :)

Tyson and Stephanie said...

This is so funny to read! I can totally remember that...maybe a day or two, never 2 weeks. I think 49 degrees in FL feels extremely cold though with the humidity. We have been stuck in an inversion for a month in CO and it never gets above about 20-25 degrees...I think the low is -2 here, so I can understand...but we are equipped for it! Good luck with it all!

Dave and Louise said...

Laura, I love your blogs...they always make me smile! Hope you will thaw out soon!

We love you!

Alan Daniels Family said...

Amen. I understand. Only when we turned on our furnace we got the icky smell and the year of dust blown into the house. I still refuse to wear nylons though.