Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Family Fun Day

Erin got a free bowling coupon for the whole family from school, so even though our kids are little, we decided to go. They had a lot of fun picking up the heavy 6 pounders and pushing them down the kiddie ramp. They also had the bumpers up so it was pretty sweet for everyone. (Spoiled kids. I never got the bumpers or the ramp as a kid.)

Alex seemed a little wary at first, but after a couple of balls he definitely got the hang of it. Get the ball, push it down the ramp, and then skip/wander/run off the other direction before even seeing how many pins the ball hit. Inconsequential. I love kids. And there were only a couple of smashed fingers from the ball return. Not bad.

Marissa kept trying to pick up the balls, which was funny. I think she got one and realized how big and heavy it was. That's when she found that running away from mommy was just as much fun. We even let her roll a ball down the ramp.

Erin did really great with it too. With that ramp, does anyone see a reason for her needing bowling shoes? Really, what's the point other than spreading foot germs? Just an observation. She got the idea of wanting to knock down the pins, but she definitely didn't catch on to the whole scoring thing (other than wanting to beat Alex). We were so excited when she got a strike, but she was mad because she only got to bowl one ball that frame. Not fair! No amount of "really, that's the best thing to get" and "that's what everyone wants" would change her mind about her bad luck.

I've heard some people bowl better when they are pregnant. Evidently that is true because I got the family high score, 146! But it was really no thanks to me. After two frames I realized it was too painful, not to mention the lousy shoes I got. That was very frustrating. It's not like I was trying to ride a bucking bronco, I was bowling. Basically taking 4 long steps and gently rolling 8 lbs down the lane. Nope, I couldn't do it. (I've been going to a new chiropractor and finally found out why I've had months of pain. Evidently my pelvis is misaligned on one side, and therefore, no bowling.) I took one more crack at it with the ramp but didn't see much improvement in my score; plus, it was kind of embarrassing. So I gave the rest of the game to Jared. He got to try cool tricks and experiment with his curve ball, and he ended up beating himself. Thanks again!

All in all, a very fun time. One game was the perfect length of time for the kids too. Hopefully more of those coupons will come our way. By the way, we survived the cold snap. It was rough, but we made it and are back into the 70's and 80's. Perfect winter temps!


James and Tricia Thomas said...

Wow I never bowl over 100!!! My kids love bowling!!! I am thinking that would be a fun activity this weekend!

Alan Daniels Family said...

My kids love it too. The problem with Benjamin is that he thinks every turn should be his. Including the turns of people on other lanes. We try to leave him home when possible! :) Lucky to get it for free. Bowling is expensive! By the way, I have already let my house go this week. Just like you said, laying around on the couch.