Thursday, January 28, 2010


I started out the year really good. I wrote a sizable list of resolutions. I actually couldn't wait to put some of these things into practice since I didn't have to worry about school taking over my life anymore. I know it's almost February, but luckily "don't procrastinate" wasn't one of my goals. So here they are (most of them anyway):

- Go to bed by 11:00 (start getting ready at 10:00)
This one seems really easy for most people, but going to bed has always been a struggle for me. Even as a child I resisted it so much that my parents would put all the kids to bed except for me and I'd fall asleep on the stairs almost every night. In college I always had to be the last one up for some strange reason, like I might miss something if I went to bed. As an infant my parents would put me in a little seat in their room while they fell asleep with the light on, just so I could be awake at night. What gives? I was born this way. And it doesn't matter how tired I am, I still really struggle with it. Sometimes I'm too tired to get ready for bed. I don't think most people understand this. They just look at me and say, "Hello?... just go to bed already!" But that's like me telling someone who struggles with FHE, "Duh... just have Family Home Evening, how hard is that?" To me, going to bed at a good hour is my hardest goal! That's why it's first. Still working on this one.
- Get up at 7:00 to read, pray, ponder and write.
Again, seems like a pretty easy one. Trust me, I know 7:00 isn't that early, but it's still the crack of dawn in my eyes--and I'm pregnant. You know, tired?
- Create and follow a meal plan
I made a 10 week meal plan last semester with all the menus to boot. It worked great, but there are definite revisions that need to be made to it and it'll take some effort to implement it.
- Don't dread bedtime/make it special
I've been trying to just enjoy the process of putting the kids to bed. It may have something to do with my own aversion to bedtime. It might also be easier if kids obediently changed into their own pajamas, teeth got willingly and thoroughly brushed, reading the scriptures wasn't intermingled with jumping on the bed, and tucking them in meant they wouldn't get out again. Call me crazy.
Read two books a month
Not hard for the general population, but a struggle for me. Am I revealing too much about myself? Oh, and I can't count children's books.
Do dishes, laundry, beds and clean in the morning and pick up before daddy gets home
I'm still figuring out the whole "homemaker" thing
- Create/follow a chore chart for the kids
- Do something to serve/help neighbors and friends weekly
Hmmm... I've watched people's kids. Not much else in the service department, but I plan on it.
- Have a family fun day monthly
January, check.
- Go to the temple 9 times this year
Excuses, excuses. But, I do foresee this being hard with babysitting, having a new baby and the temple being so far away. Here's hoping.
- Complete a new project every week (i.e. organize a closet, paint garage, etc.)
No projects started yet
Keep a record of our lives through the blog and digital scrapbooking
Finally, one that I've made progress on!
Eat more fruits and vegetables
I did great for a couple of weeks, even eating salad almost every night. That's over. Back to the farmer's market.
- Take piano lessons and find time to practice daily
Sad. This one not only doesn't fit into the budget right now, but I realized that my kids will not let me play without doing one or more of the following: pulling my hands off the keys, sitting on my lap, standing on the keys, pushing me off the bench, turning the pages of music, pounding on the keyboard, or just screaming. My dream has been temporarily dashed and hopefully postponed to a better time of life (is there one?)

This year I have decided to have much lower expectations for myself. While I do think most of these are worthy goals and are by no means unattainable, I also just want a low key year. After so many years of late nights, projects and lots of babysitting worries, I want to be able to spend as much time at home as I can. I won't be running any marathons or making extreme travel plans. I won't be signing up for crazy classes or landscaping my yard. Low expectations.

A friend's blog inspired me to have a word for the year. I tossed a few around, like "lazy" for one, but finally came up with my 2010 word: ENJOY. My goal is to enjoy my children while they are little, to enjoy teaching them, hugging them, watching them, laughing at the cute things they say. I want to enjoy being what I am, a stay at home mom with responsibilities and lots of free time. I will enjoy my husband more, my friends more and the beauty that is all around me. I will enjoy my favorite shows (got to be realistic here). I will enjoy taking pictures of my family and making scrapbook pages. And as always, I will enjoy my personal therapy sessions, also known as blogging; and I will enjoy reading other great blogs along the way.

Happy New Year almost February, 2010!


Heather said...

perfect word of the year - especially with all you have going on and want to have happen. YOU CAN DO IT! I have to work on most of the very things you listed. I think we're all figuring out the homemaking thing too. Thanks for the fun inspiration and ideas.

Heather V. said...

I have the exact same bed-time problem! I LOVE staying up way past everyone else. I love the quiet. I love how much I can accomplish when I know that I won't be interrupted. My creative juices are at their best just before midnight! I also love to climb into bed when I am completely exhausted and can fall asleep quickly! Ahhhhh, can't wait. Oh, and sleeping in is THE BEST THING EVER!

HeatherWasHere said...

Whoa. You do know this is an insane list. I was very glad to read the "enjoy" portion at the end. I do remember vividly the never going to bed thing in college. As far as I knew, you never slept. Up past me, up before me... Funny, I never really saw it as a syndrome. Take care preggie.

(You will note I am the third Heather to comment.)