Monday, January 11, 2010

Wilma or Willis?

All right, I'm actually saving those names for if I ever have boy/girl twins. But the exciting news is that I have a due date, which is June 5th, and that we found out what we are having... a BOY!! This works out great for many obvious reasons like the fact that we only have two kid bedrooms, that it's much more Brady Bunch-ish, that Alex will have someone to wrestle with (that may agree to wrestle back), and that I'm sort of into even numbers. No pressure on this baby, but all the other kids were born on even years, months and days. 06/08/10 sounds good, right?

Evidently I am 20 weeks today, the half-way mark. Yay! It also means that this will be the fourth June birthday in the family (Jared, Marissa, Erin and baby), which is fine except that we are already out of space on the birthday calendar. We may just have to reduce the font to 6 or something. At least I'm used to saying "I'm due in June." I'm hoping there will be some sort of advantage with so many June birthdays. Anyone know of any? Free ice cream on your birthday month? Anything.

It was nice to see that everything looked great on the ultrasound and just so you know, he was not at all shy about being a boy. Overall I am very lucky when it comes to pregnancy. My only real symptoms this time are mosquito bite like itching mainly on my legs and arms (a rare and harmless, yet pesky side effect), the same lower back pain I had with Marissa (that I'm hoping will go away some time after the baby comes), being extremely tired (I don't remember being this tired with Alex or Marissa-Erin, yes), and not being able to go a week without having an emotional breakdown (more on this one later). At least I never get really sick. Jared turned to me after the ultrasound and said "Laura, if we decide to have any more kids, let's wait a long time before we do." And I couldn't agree more. Sometimes it's really hard having this many kids that are so little and being pregnant. But like I said, more on this later. I just know that it is right for our family, even if it's not always easy.

And here are the images of our 11 oz. creation. Cute kid, right?Leg, foot and five little toes. Aww.Like I said, not shy about the boy thing.


kkerr said...

Exciting! I'm all about the even numbers too. That's awesome.

HeatherIsHere said...

My 4th kind of threw a big fat wrench in the works too. Of my baby factory. And after three years, I can finally say I'm not tired any more.

On that note ...;) Hang in there!!! Love you and congrats!

Alan Daniels Family said...

Nursery leader? Sometimes I think that the Lord has a cruel sense of humor!