Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

Well, here you have it. I am finally putting up the Christmas pictures. I'm still debating putting up the Halloween ones, although Erin's first day of school and our summer vacation seem a little extreme to be posting now. I think I might want to do better this year. My favorite gift for Christmas was a blog book that Jared ordered for me. It was from 2008 with a nice cover and nice pages. It was so cool to see the kids and remember the things I felt back then, like finding out I was not only pregnant, but 20 weeks pregnant. Good times. This is why I feel like adding the things I meant to blog about, but we'll see how much energy I have.

Here are the new Christmas pajamas. We are still playing with our new camera, thus the yellowness.Marissa is so funny. She is constantly "completing the circuit" as we like to say, meaning she sucks her left thumb and puts her right hand on her belly button. The pajamas were a little tricky for her because there was a big elastic band that we had to fold down over her belly button, but I think she eventually found it.
Christmas day was a success for most people. All Erin asked for was Jewelry box and some makeup which was pretty easy. My favorite present for Erin was incidentally not the makeup that I keep finding smeared on the mirror, but was the new trundle bed. It's for Erin and Alex right now and works pretty well for guests too. I love that you can just push it in and have all the floor space to play. And, unlike a bunk bed, they can still jump on it.
Alex asked for a Super Duper Computer (from Super Why?) and some dinosaurs. Seriously, these kids are so easy. I've got to enjoy this before real laptops, iphones, and expensive gaming systems show up on the lists. The Super Duper Computer has been a big hit. Here's Alex in his Super Why? costume. That's definitely his favorite show and truth be told, I'm pretty sure that's how he learned his letters. My favorite gift for Alex was a huge pack of underwear that I almost opened many times before Christmas when he kept running out.
Marissa didn't actually ask for anything so I sort of did a bad job on her. I just figured she wouldn't care too much about what she got, which was mostly true because all she wanted was what Erin and Alex got. They both got scooters, and she didn't; they both got umbrellas, and flashlights, and Super Why? costumes and she didn't. I just figured she was too young for that stuff, which she is, but I feel kind of bad anyway. Poor kid. Hey, she's lucky Santa distributed a pack of gum for everyone... he knew that would definitely be a problem. Here's the bundle of cuteness.
I did sort of a bad job on Jared too. I had good intentions but that's about it. No surprises either. Better luck next year. His favorite gift was probably his new racquetball shoes. Let me rephrase that, those were his only gift. Here we are playing Twister. You can see Erin's lovely makeup, which I think got half way used up in one day.
And just to prove how grateful we are to have stayed in Florida for Christmas this year, this is what we got to do.
Hope you all had a great Christmas too!


Lindsey said...

Laura, you make me feel better about not getting anything for Jem this year. I felt like a horrible mother. Every kid should have something special for their first Christmas, right? But I figured he wouldn't remember it anyway, and he would be far more interested in wrapping paper than anything I wrapped. We did get a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament though.

At least you got Jared something tangible - James got to unwrap a picture of something I ordered online that didn't arrive in time.

Yup. Glad I'm not alone! :)

HeatherIsHere said...

You were 20 WEEKS PREGNANT before you knew? What were your suspicions, I'd like to know, if not pregnancy?

I love how real you keep it. And I testify from personal experience that you are not the only woman who a)doesn't get anything for their spouse b)cops out on the little kids c)doesn't post pictures in the same month they were taken.

We all DO these things, we just don't all have the courage to admit it. Glad you all had a great holiday. And your pictures are looking cool with your new camera. How long have you had it?

Alan Daniels Family said...

Isn't the warm weather great? We spent much of our christmas riding new scooters too!

Brian and Callie said...

I love Erin's new look with her lovely lips and Alex's awesome new costume. Marissa is cute as ever. What a great Christmas!

Marinda said...

i love the super why stuff... that's definitely how kimball learned his letters last year. i love that show! my fav pic is marissa looking for her belly button!