Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Shelves...and Extra Closet Space

We had a very productive Saturday. We did a bunch of little projects around the house and on the cars. My favorite was putting up some new shelves for some of my models.

wood $10
brackets $4
hardware $1.50
spray paint $7
having extra room in our closets.........priceless!

These are the new shelves. The models represent 4 years of my life (for anyone that doesn't know, I have been working on a second bachelor degree in archi-torture. I can't count how many hours this has taken me, but that's why they call it torture). Amazingly they have been spared from destruction by cats and kids for all this time. I love being able to look at them and am excited to re-organize the closets with more space in them.

These are the shelves I put in the office a while back. It is now Alex's room, but nobody seems to mind the models being there.


Laura said...

What talent! And to think you were going to study audiology.

kkerr said...

Awesome! I have been dying to see these. Thanks for posting.

Lisa said...

Wow, those models (and shelves!) are amazing! You are so talented.