Sunday, May 4, 2008

Family Fun Day

Yesterday we had a fun day at the zoo. The top three moments according to Erin are:

1. Holding a snake (I was so proud of her for not being scared)
2. Feeding the giraffes (she thought it was funny when the two giraffes both went for the same piece of lettuce or whatever that stuff was)
3. Watching a gorilla poop in his hand, put it on the ground and then roll on it to go to sleep (no picture for this one--just a visual image)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and completely wore ourselves out. The kids slept for like five hours when we got home. Oh, and because people have wondered if I actually look pregnant, I think this picture proves it. This is me 8 months pregnant.

The Saturday before that our family fun was washing our cars. Erin learned how to spray the hose and got pretty good at it. Alex picked it up, pulled the lever back all the way and started screaming because he didn't know how to shut the water off. It was pretty funny. Then the kids had so much fun playing in the puddles. Erin thinks we should wash the cars more often because it was so fun. I don't see it getting done again before this baby is born--it was pretty tiring.


Heather said...

Laura Daniels... you are so little for 8 months! How cute you are pregnant!!! You have a pretty glow. I bet you'll be glad that you won't be 9 months pregnant in august with all the heat! I can't believe Erin dared to hold a snake. She is so brave. My kids don't even dare pet anything. What a fun family day.

kkerr said...

Fun times! I like the pictures. You really look great. I can't beleive the baby see will here in one month.

kkerr said...

You've been tagged! Go to my blog for instructions.

Lisa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! How great. Can't wait to see the new baby.

The White Family said...

yea, i won't be posting any pictures of me 8 months pregnant- my stomach is about 4 times bigger than yours and straight out! i don't like people like you who don't get totally fat!