Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nursery and Hair

From reading other blogs it seems like everyone keeps wanting spring to come. I think I have had enough summer for the year already. But this week we've had a beautiful cold spell. This morning I walked out and it was 62 degrees! Normally this would be a little cold for me, but being pregnant makes things feel about 20 degrees hotter. This could be why I dressed Alex in shorts, a T-shirt and sandals. I took him to the doctor and felt a little bad seeing all the other kids in sweats and jackets. It's just been a nice (although I'm sure brief) change from the hot sticky weather of late.

Alex is now 18 months which means one absolutely wonderful milestone: NURSERY! He had his first week on Sunday and did very well. I think he is pretty used to being left places and likes to watch other people, so it was great for him (oh, and definitely for us). We have about 7 weeks of freedom before the next one pushes us back into the halls and mother's room.

Alex's favorite phrases are: "Here mom", "I did it!", "Read it" (as he hands me a book), "Hi Mommy" (or Daddy or Anan--which means Erin), "No kitty!", "Don't want it" and "Welcome" (which really means thank you). He is now repeating prayers and loves saying them (we had to say like 5 for lunch today between him and Erin until my hunger finally put an end to it). He loves his shoes. Right now he only has one pair that fit him but whenever you say we are going somewhere he immediately runs to get his shoes. Today at the doctor they had me take off all his clothes to his diaper but he insisted on putting his shoes back on. He always brings me my shoes or Erin's shoes. Can anyone see a good future in his shoe obsession?

Erin had her first real haircut last Friday. Granted, she is almost 4; but when you have no hair for 2 of those years, you can see why haircuts aren't first on our agenda. She just had the ends trimmed, but got it blow dried so cute. She didn't crack a smile the whole time but was very well behaved. She came home and told daddy about the beautiful cape she got to wear.

At home she can finally be herself and smile! That's our sweet Erin.

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Lisa said...

She looks beautiful! What a darling haircut. Oh, and Clayton is 18 months on the 30th- Hooray!! I am beyond thrilled to have him in nursery. Enjoy your well-earned break before the next one arrives!