Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Special Day

Today was a special day for Erin and Jared (and just so you know, nobody else in our family is special today as Erin informed me).

It was Jared's 33rd birthday today. Luckily, that was all the candles we had (I don't know what we're going to do next year). Erin helped me make a lopsided carrot cake, even though carrot cake is disgusting according to her. Something about vegetables being in it? And we made his favorite meal, taco pie. Not too exciting, sorry Jared. He did get to eat on the homemade "You are Special" plate and I got him out of the meeting he was supposed to have tonight. Oh yeah (really I just wanted him to help put the kids to bed). He wanted a table saw, but had to settle for some jeans, a pair of gym shorts and a charging station since we just bought new couches. Maybe next year (he thinks maybe Father's day, but isn't that like in a couple weeks?). Hey, maybe we can count him joining the gym last week? Anyway, Happy Birthday Jared!

It was Erin's special day because she had her preschool graduation. She has come a long way since last year when she cried the whole time. This year she had a few speaking parts including "My name is Erin Daniels. Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies?" (I did know that... I knew a lot of the other kids' facts as well) and "G, g.. g.. guitar, H, h.. h.. heart."
She did a spectacular chicken dance, and when it accelerated in the end Erin was by far the fastest one. That's got to count for something.They wore caps and gowns. I noticed that Erin is also the shortest one in her class. Maybe I need to feed her more? Well, she is also one of the youngest ones too.I was such a proud parent watching her, I even got a little choked up a couple of times. Erin is such a smart, funny and cute girl. I love to watch her grow up and do things like this.
The fam. Woah, at least one of these kids needs a nap here.

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Tyson & Stephanie said...

cute, cute. Whoa, thats A LOT of candles! Happy b-day Jared!
Erin looks so cute in all the cap and gown pics. I love the look on Alex in the last pic! It cracks me up.