Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

My day yesterday started with some nesting. Not because I'm prego, although I sure get a lot done when I am. Possibly because I have time, not being in school right now. But most likely because we recently took the plunge and got HGTV, and all those other Dish Network channels, but most importantly HGTV. We love the DVR and I love all those design shows. So far, I have not gotten sick of it yet. I have definitely been inspired by it... to the point of painting the garage at midnight, buying coordinating throw pillows and new rug for the family room, sewing new curtains for the living room, creating a new homemade dining room wall hanging to match the new light fixture that we need to get (and wire), finding a new color for the family room and painting it along with the shelves we are going to build, putting up new blinds in our bedroom, building a custom headboard, creating cute wall decor for the kids' rooms, staining the garage floor, and redoing our master bathroom. All right, most of these are on my "things to do list". Yeah, I have a lot to do and Jared thinks I've gone off the deep end. Maybe so. But can I just reiterate this fact? I love HGTV! So I spent the morning doing all that...

Right after I got home it was back to reality and Jared was off to Scout camp. Normally this would have been fine, seeing as I am with the kids alone every other day. But yesterday E and A were SO crabby and tired. Every few minutes I was breaking up another fight. This went on for longer than I had patience, and then I heard them start to bear their testimonies. They were taking turns using the vacuum attachment as the microphone and it went something like this, "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know this church is true. I know Jesus loves me. My favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite vegetable is corn. My favorite fruit is bananas. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." (I can't wait to hear this from the pulpit) I had to smile as they rotated bearing some variation of this testimony, always including their favorite foods, especially since they went from pinching/scratching/hitting to this.

The crabby testimony bearers finally conked out five minutes before Marissa woke up, so it was just me and her for a couple of hours. I am really not sure if she's ever had alone time like that, because she was honestly really bored. What did I ever do with just one child? (not break up fights, for starters) I mean we read books, played with blocks, sang songs and even watched Baby Einstein, but still, I'm not so exciting. Kids are way more fun to follow around. I guess I never realized how easy it is to just have her wander around so happy with the other kids.

I finally put her down again and began painting... five minutes before the other kids woke up, happy this time. I do love being a mom, and I'm loving working on the house too. A few more hours of kids, feeding, bathing, dressing, reading, telling a story from when I was a kid, threatening to lock the door if they didn't stay in bed, and I was back to my painting. I did end the day on a good note, another episode of "Get it Sold", though I fell asleep before it was over. I guess I need to put that on my list of things to finish too.

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kkerr said...

Those kids are so funny. I love HGTV too. We haven't had it for years and I miss it. When I was visiting my parents it's all I watched. Your plans sound great. I can't wait to see pictures!