Friday, June 5, 2009

I love these kids!

Erin and Alex were having a fight one day when Erin runs off yelling: Alex, you are unacceptable!!! Alex, trying to think of the meanest comeback to that, yells: Erin, you are modest!!! Erin: I am not!!! Wait... yes I am!!! Sometimes these kids really crack me up. Lately I think they've been having trouble figuring out which one is the good one: modest or immodest. The other day at the grocery store Erin saw a magazine with a girl in a bikini. She yelled, "Ewww! That lady is modest!" One of these days they'll get it.

Alex and his little friend have some great conversations. One time I was listening to them in the back of the car debating about Alex's yellow shirt. Friend: Your shirt is yewow? Alex: No, it's lellow. F: Yewow? A: No, lellow. F: Yewow? A: No, LELLOW! F: Oh, yewow. A: Yeah, lellow. Less than a minute later Alex asked about the friend's drink. Alex: Is that your dink? Friend: No, it's my bink. A: Your dink? F: No, my bink. A: Your dink? F: No, my BINK! Most recently Alex got really mad that his friend said Pissmas instead of Cwissmas, the correct way to say Christmas. And later that day they kept asking to take a bass or a baff... oh, a bath. I love two year olds. They make no sense a lot of the time, but they are so funny.

The other day Alex tripped and fell on his hands. He started crying so I asked him if he hurt his hands. He said, "No, I hurt everything!"

Alex thinks that blond is a color. For instance, our tan car is blond, crayons can be blond and his chest of drawers is blond. One day he was standing between his chest of drawers and his red firetruck bed and said, pointing to the dresser, "this is blond and this (pointing to his bed) is spicy." No idea where he got either of those ideas. Side note on the bed. We already had a toddler bed for Alex when someone gave us the firetruck bed. They love to play in it but Alex refuses to sleep in it. Where does he sleep? In the same bed as Erin! So we have two extra beds taking up space that nobody sleeps in. Err. Anyone need a bed?


HeatherIsHere said...

I love your kids too. This post had me laughing.

kkerr said...

Funny kids! So nice to see so many posts from you. Wish we lived closer.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I love all the funny things kids say!! I totally think Erin is modest also!

Cheryl said...

i'm so glad you post these things. When they grow up your kids are going to love knowing how funny they were. Almost as hilarious as their mom (but there's really no competing against you, is there?)