Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This was a rose I got in church today. Isn't is beautiful in Erin's little hands? (Also, thanks Photoshop)
This next one isn't the best photo of any of us, but it shows my kids' personalities and gives me so many reasons to love them. Erin, who made me a mother almost 6 years ago, is a natural beauty. Her dark eyelashes, curly hair and facial features keep me entranced. She is sensitive and smart, strong-willed and artistic. She prefers to be in charge and loves to be around people. Alex is sweet and cuddly, is generally quiet but never afraid to talk. He is articulate and quirky, a happy-go-lucky boy with an easy smile and a ready laugh at anything silly. Marissa knows exactly what she wants and always lets us know, in complete sentences--sometimes very loudly. She is fearless of most things and keeps up with the other kids' adventures. She is friendly and tough, also cuddly and happy, and independent as can be. Oh how I love my sweet kids!
I had a great Mother's Day, thanks to Jared and of course my sweet children. They woke me up with breakfast in bed, a homemade coaster, about 10 homemade cards and a rubber mallet. Believe it or not, this is what I asked for. It's not like I need one every day, which is why I never felt justified in buying one, but there have been so many times in my life when I wished I had one--like when building furniture or closing paint cans. Don't think that's all I got though. Jared also got me a vacuum last week. I know, I'm a lucky woman. Jared also made all the meals, did the dishes and bathed all the kids single-handedly. What a lovely day!

This picture gives you a preview of our newly redone bedroom, which will appear in an upcoming post. I just repainted the changing table and I think it looks so much better. You can also see the paint color on the walls, new blinds, my models, our new purple sheets and my 8 month belly. Dang, I feel like I just gave away our bedroom post with this one shot. Oh well.
And finally, Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother, mother-in-law and to any other mother who may be reading this!


Callie said...

You look so great! And I can't wait to see more of the finished room. From the glimpse I saw I am sure it's beautiful. Tell the family hello :)

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Happy mother's day!! You look so cute pregnant!

Alan Daniels Family said...

Spread me some of that nesting instinct. I have so much to get done!