Monday, May 17, 2010


Last Saturday Erin lost her FIRST tooth! All that time and pain of growing them in and she turns around and loses one. This is definitely a new phase in our family. This tooth has been loose forever, at least a month. Jared even tied some floss around it at one point and gave it a few pulls but it only made her bleed and cry so we left it. Then when she was eating a mint she tried to wiggle it and it was gone. She took out the mint and then felt it just sitting there on her tongue. She is so excited about it.

I almost forgot to be the tooth fairy. It was past midnight when I realized it. It would be really lame to forget on the first shot, especially when this is the tooth that sets the precedent for all future lost teeth in our house. What's the going rate for teeth these days anyway? A quarter like in my day? Or a dollar like she already wrote about receiving in her journal? We left a dollar. And what do we do about the tooth? I used to fish through the garbage the next day to try to bust my parents, but I never found anything. Then I imagined that they were saving all my teeth to make into a necklace or bracelet that they would give me upon losing my last tooth (I had heard about that happening). They never did. Looking back and examining Erin's tooth, um... that's gross! No, we did not save her tooth. She can hate me later for it. We buried it deep in the kitchen trash.
The same day that she lost her tooth, Alex got his FIRST bloody nose by somehow running into Erin's forehead. I wouldn't know how exactly that happened because Jared wasn't home, I was at my wit's end and sweaty so I told them to put on clothes (after their bath) and clean their room while I took a shower. After saying "okay mom", they immediately started running around banging their heads together I guess. After the shower they both came in screaming and Alex had blood coming out his nose, in his mouth and all down his front, unclothed I might add. As soon as I got their screaming under control and saw that he was okay, I lost it again because they weren't dressed and they hadn't touched their room. So I just garbage bagged it all up. Did I mention it was a rough day that day? When Jared got home I told him to clean the kitchen and put the kids to bed while I laid under the fan on my bed reading a magazine. I would not make a good single mom.

No picture of the bloody nose. I'm not that cruel to leave a bleeding child while I grab my camera. But I will post one of another first for him, his FIRST bee stings. This was last summer in Utah when he got attacked and stung by three hornets that lived in my parents' swing set. The worst one was on his lip. Poor kid. He looks nothing like himself.
Marissa's hair is finally long enough to put into pigtails, and yes, she is almost two. I put her FIRST ones in last week, took a couple of pictures and within 5 minutes they'd been pulled out. This week they lasted half way through sacrament meeting. Aren't the little antlers cute?She looks like such a big girl with an actual hairdo.
Also on Saturday, Jared played his FIRST outdoor racquetball tournament. Despite the heat and the sweaty shirtless men, I did venture up with four kids and one on the way to watch him play. What can I say? I'm a dedicated wife, and they had free food. It was not at all what I expected. The courts were pretty nice and as you can see, the players were mostly shaded because of the full height walls. It's definitely a different game than indoor though because there is obviously no back wall to play off of. Jared won his first few matches and lost some of the later ones. There were even some pros playing in this one so he was happy to watch them. Fun time again, but I think we are taking a small hiatus from the R-ball tourneys.
As for me? I can't really think of any firsts. I've already done the pregnancy thing and believe it or not, it was not the first time I lost it with the kids... or the first time I had bagged up all their stuff. In this week alone my pregnancy brain has completely taken over. I told my friend I'd pick up her child at a certain time and when it was time to go I could not find my keys anywhere. Okay, also not a first. And the spare key only opens the car door. Yeah, I know. Lame. I eventually made Jared leave work to fulfill the favor I had agreed to and 2 minutes later found my keys safely tucked away in a granola bar box. Okay, maybe my pregnancy brain isn't entirely responsible for that one (I know I didn't leave them there), but this next one?

I am always on top of paying the bills and making sure there's enough money in the right account. So last week, with plenty of time to spare, I transferred $2000 to our checking account from our online savings account to cover a specific bill (it takes 3 days). Or so I thought. I looked at the account today and I transferred it OUT instead of IN. Nice. That's like a $4000 difference, so of course our balance was $0 and there were three overdraft fees. I made the transfer back and got the fees removed, but what's with that? That one is a FIRST for me (and hopefully a LAST).

No picture here either. I guess nobody thinks to snap a picture when I'm feeling so frazzled. From now on I will 1) triple check which account I am transferring money to/from and 2) check the little kid potty every time I go to the bathroom or smell something funky. Tonight the potty got knocked over and the amount of pee that spilled from it and odor it emitted was like nothing else. In my opinion it had been there for at least a few days, unbeknownst to me (and it wasn't from the child who should be using it). Have I said too much?


Callie said...

Oh Laura, your posts make my day!

Callie said...

Okay I realized that may have sounded like I take joy in the pains of others. Totally wasn't what I meant but rather I thoroughly enjoy your wit and wisdom! Can't wait to see your little one...your due date is getting SO CLOSE :)

kkerr said...

Wow! Things are pretty exciting over there. Anna lost her first tooth two weeks ago. We gave her a dollar also. Of course, you would know that if I ever updated my blog.
Hang in there Laura. Only a little bit longer!

HeatherWasHere said...

Oh, you reminded me! Thanks! This would have been the fourth night in a row the tooth fairy did not show up and do her duty. I have an extremely patient and believing 7 year old.

I also have bagged up toys on (many an) occasion. My food storage room is overrun with confiscated toys because, how do you give them back? My kids never do what they are supposed to do to "earn" them back. And I can't make myself just give them away...

I'm glad you got to retreat to your happy place, if only for a short while. Hang in there my dear.