Sunday, April 26, 2009


I never wrote about our trip to Houston over spring break. First off, I have to say that I love Facebook. I have planned two trips, including this one, almost entirely through Facebook. Not only that but I rarely have to pick up the phone to find a babysitter anymore or make the dreaded visiting teaching phone calls either. I was the kid who held the receiver with 6 of the 7 numbers dialed just trying to figure out what to say or how to ask if so-and-so was there, going through all the varying situations that might occur if the seventh number were dialed (what if it's busy, or the wrong number, or she's not home, or she can't play, or if she doesn't want to, or if her dad answers?). Then just as I mustered up enough courage and was about to press that last number... beep, beep, beep "If you'd like to make a call..." Ahhh... I'd hang up and try next week instead; it would take some time to get over something so traumatic. While I'd like to think I've gotten over most of that, if I had to choose to call or shoot a message off on the computer? Yeah, computer's way easier. Don't get me wrong, I actually love talking on the phone but making the call can be scary, which is probably why I usually wait till people call me.

Oh yeah, Houston... We went to visit my oldest friend Ariel for a few days and we had such a great time. Ariel and I met in fifth grade in girl scouts but we became best friends in eighth grade where we mastered the art of writing, folding and passing notes daily. Important notes, about Webbieland, new poems we had written about people, decorating our desks for each others' birthdays, wearing black after my cat died, the dent our typing teacher made on the counter from years of sitting on it, gum getting stuck in our hair, but most importantly about the most amazing boy in the world that for some reason we had a mutual crush on who actually said "hi" to us in the hall. He is known as Slimer, short for Slimebucket. Yes, he was the guy who brought us together, so- thanks. (By the way Jorge, you still owe me a quarter for that bet about me going on a date with him by the end of high school. Never happened.)

While we went to different high schools, we managed to stay friends through hours of talking on the phone, the miracle of call waiting and our families' willingness to get it. And who could resist all those stake dances together? I know she is a great friend because we can go for months without talking and then pick up like it had been yesterday. And she makes me laugh so hard every time. Yes, our lives have crossed paths in so many ways. When we got our mission calls to report the same day we were so excited, but to open the door to my room in the MTC and see her standing there as my roommate for 8 weeks was the best. Good times! If that wasn't enough, she even set me up with my future husband--thanks again for that. What would my life be like without her?

Right... Houston... We stayed at her brand new house that I hope my kids didn't trash too much, got to meet her adorable little baby and got to know her husband better. We went to a children's museum where the kids found the face paint table. Surely they expected some adult supervision for this activity, but being the parents that we are and being the kids that they are, they took matters into their own hands... or should I say faces. Erin decided to be a cat. This also included a label on her forehead which said cat. But since she wrote it in the mirror it actually spelled "TAC" which was so hilarious because she had no idea it was backwards. She went back and added "EHT" so it would say "the cat" and convinced me to let her paint my face as well. Here's the damage.

Here we are at this great park they have in the middle of town. It even had a train around the whole park. It was such beautiful weather too.

Thanks for the great trip and for all the years of friendship!

And here we are ages 16 and 15 when we took a trip to St. George together. I know, we haven't changed a bit. What ever happened to that dress anyway? I still can't believe her mom let me drive all the kids from St. George to Salt Lake when I'd only had my license for like 2 months. Crazy! But then again, I was the Eddie Haskel friend-the one the parents loved but was secretly the bad influence :) Don't tell them, they still don't know.


Ariel said...

Uh, I'm sorry to have to admit that the dress you are wearing was a loaner from yours truly. My mom made it and, if I remember correctly, you had to wear it to church since you didn't bring any church clothes to St. George. I guess you thought you'd be too hung over for church or something after all the partying.

Thanks for the tribute, Myrn. Love ya right back.--Jorge

Jennifer said...

This was so fun to read - I remember Ariel! Please tell her hi. I think it's so neat that you two are still so close.

HeatherIsHere said...

Your phone issues had me laughing so hard. I have them, too. I never said anything about my phone hang-ups (get it?) until one day Mindy (Head, you know her) said she had a phone phobia, and I began to realize I was not alone in my bizarre behavior. And now I add one more to the list. So was Ariel the author of the "When we've finally kissed goodnight how I'll hate going back to my dorm"? Classic. And I think we might shop at the same store. Or else Erin is stealing my daughter's clothes. In "tac eht" disguise, I would bet.

Mike & Andrea said...

I didn't know you were a pligamist growing up! Oh my! Just kidding! You look cute. :)