Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is what happens when you give three kids some sidewalk chalk and five minutes. This particular day was an anomaly. Marissa usually has it all over her face due to chalk tasting.
AND... (drumroll) This is our new bathroom in action. Ta da! New as in it's been like this since December but the walls were, we'll say... in transition up until March. I think the final count is 7 different colors. This one is pretty neutral and classic I think. We still have to put the trim on and paint the door, little details-the ones that you get used to until years pass and then you scramble to get it done when you try to sell the house. Anyway, it is great to have a bathtub that the kids don't slip in, a drain that doesn't leak and isn't rusty, and maybe best part being that it isn't the color of my brother's 1985 tuxedo he wore to the prom. Classic, but some things must be changed.

I love the way everything came together. Good job Jared! It was a lot of work for him. He is so very talented when it comes to things like this. Hey, and just in time to redo the garage ceiling that collapsed today (another story for another day)

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Heather said...

the bathroom looks super great! good work you guys. as for the chalk - what joy it brings to kid's lives. I've decided messy things such as popsicles, peanut butter sandwiches, red licorice must bring great delight to kids - despite the mess. So glad you're finished up with your wicked class. I think the presentations and boards you put together are amazing! Nice designs!