Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Post

I was reminded tonight that I haven't blogged for a while. I blame it on two reasons.

One, that I just joined Facebook and it is taking up my computer time. I have been amazed by how many old friends I have found in just a week. I really didn't even know I had that many friends. I have to say that social networking is really cool!

And two, my life seems a little mundane lately. I actually love being a mom and watching my kids learn and grow, but nothing of late seems blog worthy. I just don't want to bore people so please stop reading here if you don't want to get bored.

Marissa is now two months old and 10 lbs 9 oz. I could be wrong, but she seems like a really good and easy baby. She's smiling a lot and seems very happy. So we've decided to keep her.

Alex talks a lot. His nursery leaders were so amazed by how clearly he is speaking. It's no wonder, he thinks he is the same age as Erin. They are like Siamese twins after all. A few weeks ago I noticed that he was counting to ten and realized that Erin must have taught him since I never did. Hmm, so that's how it works. You just have to teach one kid and then you're good for the rest. Another funny thing was having him come up to me wagging his rear end and saying "shaking my booty, shaking my booty" (something he learned from Erin who learned it from her ghetto preschool last year... maybe it's good she's going somewhere new this year).

The other day I overheard Erin talking to her friend in the bathroom when she showed her one of the broken tiles on the floor (this is not the bathroom we tore up). Her friend asked how it broke and she said "Maybe my dad broke it, he's really good at breaking things!"


Lisa said...

That is so sweet how Erin and Alex are joined at the hip! I wonder if my boys will ever be like that? And Marissa is getting so big already! She is beautiful.

kkerr said...

I love that Erin is teaching Alex so much! It's so great that they are such good friends. That little Marissa is cute. She looks like both of the others.

Eric and Laura said...

It's so fun to watch your kids grow as ours do. I hope I adjust to 3 as well as you have! (no, this is not an announcement...yet.) You seem to take it all in stride really well! Did you already finish the bathroom? That seems quick!

Steve Frahm said...

If I have to read a whole bunch of what you call "boring" stuff just to look at the cute pictures of your wonderful kids I do it happily! Keep it up, your blog is great and your family is so much fun.

Cheryl Durrant said...

I'm glad you took me up on the not so subtle hint and added another blog entry. See... Everyone appreciates your blogs even when you haven't saved the world or done some other noteworthy event. i, for one, was glad to hear you decided to keep Marissa. See, I wouldn't have known it if you hadn't stated it. :) It's been good to chat with you a little recently. You're the best!

Mike & Andrea said...

Im really sorry but its highly likely that Aryana was the one that taught Erin and Alex the shakin my booty thing. So, really its your ghetto friends and not the preschool at all. Im not sure where my kids got it from (probably me) but just thought I'd give you the heads up.

PS i just asked Nana and she denies it, but still. I would think twice before having us over again. :)