Friday, July 25, 2008


So if anyone has ever wondered if they should buy toys for their kids, wonder no more. These kids have rooms full of toys and where to they spend the majority of their time? In a cardboard box. Well, two actually. This one is their boat, which sadly for them (and happily for us) is no longer sitting in the living room but is installed the the bathroom.Luckily they have this cardboard box which took five minutes for us to make into a house... also still in our living room.
So this one is not a box, but it's definitely not a toy either. By night it is the baby's bed, by day it is another boat for Erin and Alex. I thought this was a good representation of how they are connected at the hip. They spend every waking moment playing together. Erin says Alex is her "best brother" which isn't too hard for him to be as the only brother, but I think she means he's her best friend. I'm so grateful they like each other so much!
I had to throw in one of Marissa. She is a very happy baby. The other night she kept smiling in her swing when we turned on the music, the lights and got the fish going around in circles. Gotta love that swing. She's easily amused. Anyway, she seems to be pretty content with life and we all love her so much!
This week I have also made it my part time job to find a preschool for Erin next year. Seriously, I have spent so much time researching, calling and lugging my three kids around to visit different schools. What a dilemma! I will see one more tomorrow but I think I have found the perfect place for her that is really close, has a good schedule and seems to have a great teaching philosophy.


Cheryl Durrant said...

So you got your kids a very expensive box boat with a free bathtub inside... Is that what I'm seeing? Hmmm. I like it. I wonder what else you could get free with the purchase of a large box. Next time I'm shopping for a toy I'll have to keep that option in mind.

Mike & Andrea said...

hows that part time job going? :) your pics are always so cute!

kkerr said...

So cute! So glad they are such good friends!