Monday, August 18, 2008

Universal Studios

This weekend we took a mini vacation to Orlando. The kids had fun sleeping on the floor of the hotel room and eating pizza on the bed. Simple things are so exciting for kids. We went to Universal Studios which I had never been to. Because we had one free ticket and the other two were cheap, we didn't mind not doing everything and leaving early because of our kids. We turned our double stroller into a triple stroller and it actually worked pretty well. Note how Alex is almost asleep and we are in line to buy our tickets! Oh, the joy of little kids.Jared's favorite part: Fear Factor Live. His least favorite part: Barney. You could probably reverse that for the kids.
Of course seeing the lovable characters was a highlight. Erin was so cute, she actually gave Curious George a huge hug (a big change from two years ago at Disney when she screamed when she saw any of the characters... they can be kind of freaky).
Alex loved this water slide. When Erin saw how wet he got on it she decided not to go, so Alex got to go a second time with me. Turns out she was the smart one because we were very wet all day. Her favorite ride was a train roller coaster that she was just barely tall enough to ride. I was amazed that she was brave enough to go on it, but she loved it.
We left in plenty of time to make the three hour drive and still get up for church at the crack of dawn the next day. Unfortunately three hours turned into six and a half hours due to a bulge in one of our tires. Long story short, we now have a nice new tire on the van. The kids were really good the whole time. It was a great little get-away!

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