Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here are the bullet points of Christmas 2012.
-Opening cute Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. The girls currently only like nightgowns, so here you go. And me being so cheesy to make them stand in order. Seriously, my poor kids.

-Making new stockings for the girls, but still not finding the right material for the boys, hence the old, cheap stockings again. Next year I say.

-The whole family, except me, getting sick two weeks before Christmas for a full week. Even the baby. Then me being sick the whole weekend before Christmas. I missed a party and the kids singing in church. Boo!

-Connor saying, "Ho Ho Ho, Mewy Chwitmas" in a low voice (only he can say it right--and it makes us all laugh)

-Erin stayed up till 11:00 because she was so excited about Christmas

-Marissa wrote a note to Santa which read, "Dear Santa, Sorry for crying. I will be good. Marissa"

-Hallie getting the exact same caterpillar in her stocking that Marissa got for her birthday (because Hallie doesn't need anything-but it would have been lame to have nothing in her stocking), and Marissa saying, "Hey, I have one just like that. Now we have two."

-Alex opening his "How to Play the Ukelele" book before opening his ukelele. He was a bit baffled.

-Jared and me wrapping until midnight, and me almost dying because I felt so sick. I told him this was the longest Christmas Eve prep ever and he told me this was the easiest ever. Being sick had a lot to do with that!

-Playing Qwirkle. Such a fun game! And now I finally have kids old enough to play and enjoy games with me, since Jared (come to find out) doesn't.

-Last year Jared and I both got potato mashers in our stockings. This year we both got an ice cream scooper since ours broke a while back. Turns out, we kept the one Jared bought both times.

-Alex working on his activity book. I briefly explained sudoku to him and came back three minutes later to find him almost done with one. I was so impressed, until I realized he was copying the answers from the back. The little cheater!
-Erin's Christmas card to us which read:
Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope you have a very merry Christmas! and also a happy new year. Still I can't believe it's going to be 2013! When it is, can you make a goal to be nicer to the kids? It's just a suggestion. Well I guess I better go. Well merry Christmas and a happy new year! Ho! Ho! Ho! Mewy Chwistmas. Yeah, I was pretending to be Connor. Well bye!
Love, Erin
P.S. Hope you didn't die of laughter.

-Jared wearing an "adult-themed" sweater to my family Christmas Eve party (for an ugly sweater contest).  Yes, I said family party. He borrowed it from our neighbor and it was so funny! He got the Rudolph award. The people giving awards didn't even notice until after the award ceremony. He should have gotten a different award.
I borrowed one too, but it wasn't nearly as ugly.

-Acting out the Nativity twice:  once at the Daniels family party (which Hallie and I missed) and once at the Evans family Christmas Eve party. Erin loved being an angel both times. The first time Connor was a sheep, Alex was Joseph, Marissa was Mary and Jared was the donkey that she got to ride on. I don't know how accurate her laughing would have been, but they had fun. The second time Alex was a wise man (he loved his hat), Marissa was an angel, Connor was a horse/donkey? and Hallie was baby Jesus. And no crying did she make.
 I was about to crop this picture until I noticed the winning ugly sweater in the picture--the skin tight turquoise number with horses on the sleeves. So funny!

-Me still recovering from being sick and hardly taking any pictures of Christmas. Ugh. I felt so yucky. But here's the mess.
I love Alex's face in this one

-Me trying to do the pogo stick. Works way better with shoes on. Also, Jared is way better than me. I wanted one that adults could use, so we got one really heavy duty one and one for the kids. Fun! What are we going to do when our basement is finished?

-Hallie got a new high chair (because our old one was scratching the wood floor), a pillow pet, a bunch of new clothes, a doll and a caterpillar that I found in the play room and a box of diapers. Santa sure knew what she needed.

-Connor got a basketball hoop, basketballs, a play guitar, a circus tent, a tie and easy steppers. Favorite present: probably his guitar. He also loves going in the basement to play with his "hoop basketball", as he calls it.

-Marissa got a Princess and the Pop-star castle with two little "Barbies", a cash register, a shopping cart with new food (so she could play store), easy steppers, some clothes, a box set of Hello Kitty books and a Hello Kitty bank that she carries around like a doll. I'm just waiting for the moment when it breaks because she takes it everywhere.
 Marissa wasn't too excited about the shopping cart at first, but she did say she wanted it one day and I thought it would go with her cash register. And the younger kids will use it if she doesn't.

-All Alex asked for was a spy watch, which he got. But it was $10 so we had to get him something else. A while back he looked through a toy catalog and circled the spy watch, a pogo stick and a ukelele. He got those things, the game perfection, a tie that matches Connors (because they love to dress alike to church), roller skates (that he uses with Erin in the basement) and a really cool magic trick book. He has some pretty good tricks that have wowed his friends. 
Yes, this was the best picture of him

-All Erin wanted was art stuff. She got an art easel with a chalkboard, a white board and a roll of paper, a big thing of art supplies, a pottery wheel, a spy watch (to be spies with Alex), a make your own glow in the dark bracelet set and a gross make-up set (one that you can make scars, fake blood, bruises, etc.) Her favorite gift is most definitely the art easel. She has it set up in her room and has been using it every day. She loves art!
Happy Erin--she was so grateful for everything she got this year
Using the pottery wheel

-I got a miter saw. I don't know why, but I just got it in my head one day that that is what I wanted (probably because I'm slightly scared of severing something with our table saw). The guy Jared bought it from looked confused when he told him it was for his wife. No matter. This week I'm going to get started on building a bed for Marissa. So excited! I also got socks, new measuring spoons, some new undershirts (called shores) and of course the ice cream scoop. Jared's good at remembering what I want and getting exacting what I ask for. Thanks Santa!

-Jared got a new lunch bag (after leaving his old one on the bus), some new white shirts, a new jacket, some fresh racquetballs and an ice cream scoop. And lets not forget the belt I bought and couldn't find once I got home. I'm pretty sure it got left at the store the day I was shopping with a fever and about to pass out. Annoying! I also ordered him a book that never came. One of those things I didn't even realize I hadn't gotten until Christmas. Oh well.
-Overall, a great Christmas. The kids were happy and excited, which always makes Christmas fun for everyone. We are so blessed to have so much and live where we do. We are so blessed especially for Christ and what he did for us. A very Merry Christmas!

Finally, the highlight of New Year's Eve:

-Bribing our kids with a pack of gum each if they stayed in bed that night so that we could go across the street for a New Year's Party. We tried to find a babysitter, but couldn't. Instead we used a baby monitor and the bribe. It worked like a charm--no one got up even once, and it was a lot cheaper than a babysitter. The baby was with us but she even slept the whole time. Nice!

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Callie said...

I was so sad that you missed out on the Daniels party! Glad to see that you are feeling better.

Dying over Jared's sweater. You guys are too funny :)