Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Week

Today is a dismal day. The sun is not shining, which is always gloomy for me, and my kids have been home sick again! The fourth day this week for Erin, the third for Alex. Marissa stayed home from preschool one day and Jared took a sick day yesterday. I literally think all five of my kids have fevers today. Having all of them home this week has put quite the damper on my ability to run errands or go anywhere for that matter.

But, I am so grateful for all of them, that they are alive and safe. Earlier today I found out about the tragic shooting at a Connecticut school where 20 kids and 6 adults were killed. It makes me so sad for those families who won't see their kids alive again. Even though it hasn't been the most ideal week with sick kids every day, I love them all so much and consider them the greatest blessings of my life.

This is what they've been doing all week. Yes, on the same couch... by choice.
I just thought this was kind of funny last week. We used to have a bouncy seat that babies never fell out of, so we didn't bother to strap them in. The one we have now has, in my opinion, quite the design flaw. You have to strap them in...
...or else this happens. Peacefully sleeping and then, bam, onto the floor. The funny thing is she didn't even make a peep when this happened. I just turned around and she was on the floor.
And just this week, Hallie started sucking her thumb.  Seriously, not another thumb sucker! She is such a good baby and I can't complain about her at all, I just know it can be a hard habit to break. I feel like she tries not to be any trouble at all, and maybe that's why she started sucking her thumb. Oh, and another weird thing is that she only poops every four days, once it was over a week. None of my other babies have done this, but I have it on good authority (via my internet search) that it can be normal. She doesn't seem constipated or sick, and she's still eating and growing so I guess it's just her body right now. When the day comes, it's always a doozy, like today for instance when it got all over my pants as well as hers. I sure love that baby though!
Alex has been doing Jr. Jazz basketball every Saturday along with our neighbor. Neither of them are any good at all, but Alex really likes it anyway. He has made a few baskets, but he's not that aggressive, which is kind of necessary in basketball.
Marissa had her winter dance recital and it was awesome! I don't think there is much more that she loves right now more than dance, so I am so glad we signed her up at this place. Her teacher did a great job teaching them the actual names of different positions and dance moves. They did a Jazz number and a ballet number. The costumes could not have been any cuter! I love my little snowman! Here is the photo shoot. Some of her smiles make me laugh.
This was the night of the performance

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