Friday, July 6, 2012

Worst Cake Ever

This is the post to say that Jared, once again, had another birthday (over a month ago). His family came over for dinner so this was round one of Jared's birthday celebration. Since we were eating cake with my family later, I made brownies for his family.
For some strange reason that I still cannot comprehend, I decided to make him a racquetball cake. You know, because he loves racquetball. Yes, folks, that's what it's supposed to be. Anyway, while I was working on it, Jared walked over and asked if I even had a plan as to how I would make it, which of course I didn't. I mean, I sort of thought it would just take shape on it's own. There aren't all that many google image examples of racquetball cakes anyway, in case you're wondering. And I really didn't have much time to even do a cake, let alone a themed cake like this one, seeing as it was before church.

When I finished and Jared came over to see it I said, "Well, it's not my worst cake" to which Jared responded, "Really? What was your worst cake?"

After much thought on that question, I finally realized that I have never made a cake quite as bad as this one. So yes, this right here is my worst cake.

Those cake-crumb-mixed-with-frosting-covered-in-blue-gel blobs are supposed to be racquetballs.

It is safe to say that everyone laughed at this cake, so go ahead. Laugh. There was some confusion as to what the cake actually was. It was mistaken more than once for our electric fly swatter (which is why I later added the fly), and once as a bunny with one ear. I can see it.
 Here we are with my family for round two.
 Cutting it only improved the cake, because it meant it would disappear soon. It was tasty though.
 All this talk about the cake and no talk about any presents. That's because there weren't any. I decided that his present should be a BBQ grill. We wanted one that could hook into the natural gas that we specifically put there when we built the house. But, as we soon found out, nobody sells natural gas grills. You have to buy a conversion kit, which is fine, but only the higher priced models have the option for the kit. So he ended up with nothing on his birthday, or for several more weeks.

I saw an ad for a grill for $80 off at Lowe's, so I decided to get it for him and surprise him on Father's Day. I had quite an interesting time trying to buy it, haul it in my friend's truck and then store it in our neighbor's garage without him knowing. When I pulled up, our garage door was open and Jared and the kids were outside in the back. I was lucky they didn't come out front, because that's where they usually are at night. My neighbor thought I was doing something illegal with how paranoid I was acting.

On Father's Day morning, we did a scavenger hunt for Jared. Along the way he found the grill cover and the conversion kit. Then he was led over to the neighbor's to find the grill. He had no idea. We have never had a grill before (besides a tiny propane on the ground one). It is so fabulous! We have used it many times since we got it. I love that we don't have to worry about running out of gas. Who am I kidding, I also love that I can just hand Jared some meat and I don't have to cook it. Now we want to put pavers where the grill is supposed to go. The projects never seem to end...
Happy Birthday and Father's Day Jared! We really do love you and all you do for our family!


Lisa said...

Okay, I have to admit I did laugh. But just because you are such a funny writer . . . I think the cake is so cute! I love your blog.

Cheryl said...

I laughed, too... pretty hard. You know, the one where no sound comes out except an occasional squeak. I think it's because I thought to myself, "It kinda looks like an electric fly swatter,"... then read the next line which confirmed I wasn't the only one to think it. You are hilarious. Will you write my blog for me?