Friday, July 27, 2012

And then... Connor turned 2!

Sweet Connor turned two on June 14th. June was such a crazy month. We had just gotten back from our anniversary trip and were also planning Erin's birthday and baptism. Luckily, Connor was the easiest one of all, due to the fact that he is only two. He said he wanted a car cake so this is what I came up with. Definitely not my worst cake. It was way easier and cuter than I thought it would be, and Connor loved the cars.
 Two round cakes with the ends cut off and then stand the ends up to make the bridge. Easy!
 He didn't quite know what to do with the candles and everyone singing to him. Plus, he was a little tired since he didn't have a nap. Oh, and this was right before he had his first real haircut. It was getting a little shaggy.
But after the candles he started pulling off the cars and playing with them. He loves playing with cars and got a bunch of them for his present.
Earlier that week Erin asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said something like, "bah" to which Erin asked, "Oh, you want to go bowling?" So ever since that time he insisted he wanted to go bowling. A perfect activity for our family and something even he could enjoy. 
He loved pushing the ball down and then running back to his seat so excitedly. (Also, I love Jared's work clothes with bowling shoes. I guess I forgot to bring clothes for him. Oops.)
 More bowling fun.
It was actually kind of a rushed evening as well.  After bowling we got some Little Ceasar's, came home and ate as fast as we could, blew out candles, opened presents and then left for one of Alex's T-ball games. We didn't even have time to eat the cake until afterwards and Jared was at racquetball at that point. I hurried and fed them cake and put them to bed. It was a good day though.

In addition to the cars, he also got a dragon pillow pet...
 ...and, his favorite, a bouncy ball. See how easy this birthday was? He wouldn't let go of it, even at the game. And from the looks of it, we didn't even have time to wash the pizza off his face.
What a cute, happy kid!
 And just to remember what he is like right now, here are some facts about him.

1. He still loves balls and every kind of sport. He definitely has a lot of natural athletic ability. He runs with purpose, with his arms bent and throws like a 4 year old. He rides his little scooter around really well, especially for his age. He wanted to ride it in the ward 4th of July parade and I thought he would hold up the kids behind him, but he didn't. He kept right up with the other kids.

2. He has his own, self-proclaimed spot on the couch and on the bar stools and will get really mad if someone takes his spot. I have no idea why he thinks they are his, but nobody can argue with him about it. After all, you can't really reason with a two year old.

3. I let the kids each have one day a week to choose the shows they watch (since there were too many fights before), and Connor always chooses either Dora or Curious George--but mostly Dora. The older kids hate Dora and try to get him to choose something else, but he insists. And since it's his day, they have to watch it (it's either that or nothing). He even knows how to use the remote to select Dora and start it. Is that a bad sign at this age?

4. He loves to wear socks and shoes and constantly asks you to put them on or take them off when we get home. He absolutely refuses to wear any type of sandal. He won't even let you get close to putting them on. I guess he forgot about the whole living in Florida thing. He wasn't even walking when we left, so it's understandable. So socks and shoes it is. Whatever. He did start refusing to wear pants though. I don't know how I didn't have more shorts for him, since Alex only wore shorts in Florida, but he only had like three pairs and would always run out--and then he wouldn't wear pants. I finally bought him a bunch more, so he is happy.

5. He is starting to count to 10 but not always in the right order, and he always leaves out 6. He only knows one color and it's orange. He loves to color when the other kids do and plays with them, not just along side them. He LOVES Erin and she loves him. She takes care of him in a lot of ways and he lets her.

6. He is talking a lot and can really express what he wants. Sometimes he'll tell you a long story, which is mostly babbling, but his actions and the words he does say tell the story. He repeats the words of the Book of Mormon at night, when he isn't rolling, jumping or running around. Sometimes he gets mad and yells, "GO AWAY!" But he will always repeat the nice way of saying things too. He says thank you whenever you give him something and is learning to say, "Up, please" when he wants me to carry him. He can go up and down stairs really well, but if I am anywhere near him, he makes me carry him (which only makes this pregnant lady more winded than I already am just going up the stairs normally!)

7. He loved going to nursery, until about a month ago. His nursery leaders loved him and would tell us that he was their favorite every week. Then they got released and he started to hate going. I figure we'll just have to endure this one until our ward splits in a couple months and he has to get used to yet another change.

8. He loves his Diego back pack and makes me put it on when we go places. He pretends he is leaving somewhere and says, "Bye, mommy. I love you. Give me a hug." What a sweet, sweet little boy who is growing up so fast! That's why we have to have another one, because he isn't a baby anymore. When you ask him where the baby is, he will always say it's in his tummy.

9. He loves to be read to and to make sure I do it, he takes my thumb and inserts the book into my hand.

10. He is starting to refuse taking naps, much to my dismay. Sometimes I let him go all day, as long as he is happy, but sometimes he just needs to sleep. I'm not too mad about it though, because Marissa and he will have each other all day next year when the older two start school. And believe me, two playing together is way easier than one bored child.

11. When you ask him what his name is he will say, "Connor Daniels". Sometimes he says "Daniel Connors" as a joke. My name is Mommy Daniels, Jared's is Daddy Daniels, etc.

I'm sure there is so much more, but this is good for now. I love that kid so much and couldn't imagine our life without him. Happy Birthday Buddy Buddy!

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