Monday, February 22, 2010


I feel very uninspired lately, which makes me wonder why I am writing anything at all.

Let's see... I'll start by saying that I had a great birthday. The highlights:

1. Breakfast in bed for the first time in my life (Jared got my hint:) complete with cards, a page of stickers arranged all over one of the cards, a balloon picked out by the kids for the kids to play with, and my favorite candy bar on the tray. Late church pays off this year!

2. I got a beautiful display of roses sent from my parents (thank you again!), some more chocolates, a new comforter set ordered by me, and a couple of coupon books from my husband--things like foot rubs (assuming I haven't been wearing my "stinky shoes"), dishes, mopping, doing a week of laundry (is it bad if I want to save that one for if we all get the stomach flu?), as well as some other personal ones that he will most likely benefit from. It was all very thoughtful.

3. I got to talk to family members and friends, got the feel good messages from my facebook friends, which always makes me feel like I have more friends than I do, and got some other nice/funny cards. Thanks!

4. The whole ward choir sang Happy, Happy Birthday to me after practice in the chapel as the congregation trickled in and my face got at least as red as the time I opened the door on my roommate's first kiss (after which I slammed the door, ran and hid under my bed). Was I only writing highlights? I actually hate it when I get that kind of attention probably because my face gets so red. And by the way, pointing it out to me doesn't lighten the shade. It's involuntary. I can feel it, thanks.

5. I got to go out with my husband the night before and since it wasn't the actual Valentine's Day on Saturday, the restaurants weren't completely full. Always a bonus, even if our romantic evening ended up at TGI Friday's. We were then too late to catch a cheesy chick-flick (my birthday, my movie choice, remember?) so we red-boxed one and I promptly fell asleep 15 minutes into it on the couch--good thing we didn't pay the big bucks for the theater.

6. I got to witness my husband's most recent embarrassing moment (see the last post) that morning and got a great laugh. I love you! and anyone else who is reading this.

7. Last, cupcakes, my favorite ice cream flavor (mint chocolate chip) and more chocolate. Yum! All in all a good day.

The loot. Yes, I realize our family pictures are at least one kid short.

Last week was the uninspiring one, for some reason. I really was enjoying everything about my life, my kids, the weather, being pregnant, feeling the baby move, etc. But then, I had one of the other kinds of weeks. Did I lower my expectations too much and now only live for my next nap on the couch? Am I let down after all the birthday excitement? Who knows? It was a week where I had no energy to do a whole lot and more than that, I felt that I had nothing interesting to say--like at book club or on my blog. I'm losing it.

I could blame it on the Olympics, so I think I will. Somehow I feel an obligation to watch them, considering I was in them 8 years ago (okay, I was an Olympic Band member--but I was there every day). I love it but it might be sucking the life out of me, with all the late nights. And what I mean by late nights is that I fall asleep on the couch every night around 10:00 and then have to peel my body off around 1:00 to plop it properly in my newly outfitted bed. It's killing me. When are they going to be over again?

I only use the Olympics as an excuse because 1- they are on now and 2- because I blame every other action, mood, pain, and overeating tendency on none other than pregnancy. While this may be a valid excuse, it's nice to have something else to fall back on every now and then.

I must be having a pregnant week. I'm starting to run out of air and feel like there's not enough blood in me for the two of us. I'm not even 6 months yet! The worst issue is still my lower right back which limits almost everything I do. I put my gym membership on hold, I don't take walks anymore, I try not to lift or carry any kids (which almost worked yesterday in nursery), and I feel like I can't do anything around the house anymore without it hurting. Frustrating! I've never felt so crippled before. I just hope it gets a little better after the baby is born, even though it's been here since before I got pregnant. Yeah, I'm complaining. Sorry. I shouldn't because besides this issue I don't have too many other problems.

The question is, should I get a housekeeper? I know the answer is yes, but at the same time, I can still do things. It just leaves me feeling worse. Hard to justify, especially since I don't do anything else. And even if I did get someone to clean my house, there's no guarantee that it would be better--there's still shopping and lifting and just living that I would have to do.

I think I'm done ranting.


See, uninteresting?


Mrs. Potts said...

Laura, you are far from uninteresting. Even this post made me laugh out loud (personal ones that he will most likely benefit from? heh heh). And I know how exhausting pregnancy is - I can't even imagine it with three other rugrats running around. If you need a housekeeper, call me! I am an expert dish washer.

Also, I don't like attention en masse on my birthday either. I only go out to eat with people if they promise they won't tell the server it's my birthday. I felt for you on Sunday. :)

Also, you were in the Olympic Band?? That is SO COOL!

HeatherWasHere said...

You are still funny when uninspired, so that's good for us.

Sorry you are in so much pain. I think right now would be a perfect time for a housekeeper. So what if it didn't solve the problems? It might and it's worth a shot. I had one when pregnant with my last and it was so nice. It kind of forced me to just lay down and read books to my kids. It was also both entertaining and educational for the kids. They liked to follow her around the house and watch from a safe distance. AND they learned how to dust. Because I don't know that they had ever seen it happen before. A real eye opener.

I haven't figured out if it's because we are older or because we have done it numerous times, but the later pregnancies just get rougher. You can do it, though. I have great faith in your being able to do rough things. And a little mild complaining helps. It really does. :)