Wednesday, February 24, 2010

32 Minutes

Can I vent again?

1:45 Pour milk for two kids for lunch.
1:47 Child spills milk all over the table, papers and laptop.
1:48 Scream, move my laptop, get a towel and sop up the milk.
1:49 Give child half an inch of my milk and no more!
1:50 Next child knocks cup off the table spilling all her milk on the floor.
1:51 Say "Errr!", get another towel, sop up the mess and try to be grateful that I hurt too much to mop before the incident.
1:52 Give child half an inch of my milk and no more!
1:55 Look outside at the clear weather and tell the kids it's almost time to pick up Erin.
1:56 Kids cheer and run to the garage to get in the double stroller.
1:58 Look outside and see it start to rain.
1:59 Look outside again to see that you were wrong about the rain, it is now POURING, Florida style!
2:00 Take baby and put her in her crib for a nap to save at least one person from getting soaked.
2:01 Open the single stroller, put child in, and grab two umbrellas.
2:02 Try to move the stroller past the excess, ready to donate furniture in the garage and get stuck.
2:03 Say "grrr!", move the furniture around, go outside, close the garage and start walking to the school.
2:04 Try to push stroller one handed without veering into the grass while awkwardly holding umbrella in the other, realize you should have worn a poncho because the only thing the umbrella is keeping dry is your head anyway.
2:05 Get to the school and run under the awning, try to make it past the entire 3rd grade, 2nd grade, and 1st grade classes who are crunched into a 3 foot wide semi-dry area.
2:06 Realize it was easier to get past the furniture than this mayhem.
2:07 Leave the stroller wedged between some 2nd graders and walk to the kindergarten classes to retrieve child.
2:08 Make it back to the stroller with kindergartner in hand, give her a Dora umbrella that you know will do no good, and tell her we are going to make a run for it.
2:09 Make a run for it!
2:10 Realize it is pouring even harder--if that is possible, wade through two 6 inch puddles, tell your kid you can't hear what she is saying over the rain, and finally make it home.
2:11 Open the garage, see your child shaking umbrella out over something that shouldn't get wet, yell, move the furniture again, get the stroller in and realize that the cover on the stroller did absolutely nothing in this kind of rain--child and stroller are soaked!
2:12 Come inside, try to comfort the child who is crying because you yelled at her, dry off arms and legs on a towel that you find out later smells sour, sit down to look at student's semi-dry work that was semi-protected in soaked backpack.
2:13 Try to calm second child who freaks out because he didn't want you to start looking at the work until he was done changing out of his wet clothes.
2:15 Finish looking at work, have next child change her wet pants, socks and shoes; go change out of wet shorts and shirt; realize even your underwear is wet, wonder if this counts as a shower today then remember the stinky towel (Did I mention we live across the street from the school and we still got that wet?)
2:16 Finish changing clothes, look outside and see that the rain is letting up.
2:17 Look again and see that it has completely stopped! True story--welcome to Florida!


Jeff and Krishawn said...

And to think I miss Florida. That was pretty funny but brought back so many memories. The good part in all of it was that it did not start lightning which would have made the child stay in class and you in the rain for who knows how long. :)

Heather said...

i think every day there seems to be 30 minutes like that. it's so crazy isn't it!?! Some days I can hardly believe what a whirlwind we are in with all these little kids. And that florida rain. What to do? Good luck with the rest of the day. You can do it!!! :)

J-Leav said...

and people call it paradise? I just don't get it...when I talk to people about the weather in florida it's like I'm relating old war stories. They don't get it. Especially here in Las Vegas.

Mike & Andrea said...

Mike came home fuming yesterday because he went into the school parking lot to get the kids and the kids walked across the street instead. He was soaked. And, yes, it was sunny 4 minutes later. Awsome.

Rena said...

I actually miss florida which I said I wouldnt do, but the desert is too dry and too dang cold. I read about you sending your kids outside and I cannot wait until it is above 40 here so I can get rid...i mean...tell my kids to go outside and play.....cabin fever is setting in!