Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Cake

Alex turned three a few weeks ago so I thought I'd post his blue car cake. It looks a little strange from some angles, but I think we did okay. We've been watching Ace of Cakes after all.
Recently Alex has been very specific about how his toast is cooked. It can't be sunburned. What I guess that means is that it must have the same coloring as bread but be hard like toast (no brown marks at all or it will be refused... cut toast will also be refused). He is very specific about what he wants. Today it was a waffle, a piece of candy and some chocolate milk in the new blue sippy cup with the blue lid. It must be in that order too. Funny kid.

He has a fascination with the moon lately as well. The other night we went outside and he said, "Hey, the moon popped out!" A couple of days later we were driving and he said that the moon was following us. Then on our last walk Jared and I were talking and he turned around and said, "Shhh, be quiet. The moon is sleeping."
We've been trying to get him more interested in wearing underwear, so I made a little chart and told him if he wears underwear 7 times he could get something. I asked him what was something he really wanted and he said "diapers". Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of a yo-yo or something, since he's been begging for one. So far, no yo-yo. His newest declaration is that he will wear underwear when he's five. So much for pre-school.

Also, don't ever say that he's a big boy, because according to him, he is little. I think this helps him justify the wearing diapers thing. Some day.

We love you, Alex!


HeatherIsHere said...

He is SO FUNNY! And mark my words, he is a genius. Just to get in on the record that I called it first.

Tyson and Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! He totally cracked me up about wanting diapers for his birthday! It is funny! Good luck with that. :)