Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New York

A couple of weeks ago we flew up to New York City. We'd never been there so it was really exciting to see everything there. We got to go to the Manhattan Temple, see Central Park, go to the top of Empire State Building and walk around the city pretty much not even trying to not look like tourists due to the fact that I was taking in as many details of the city and buildings as possible (oh yeah, straining my neck to see the tops of buildings, oohing and awing at how incredible the place was and totally embarrassing the people we were with I'm sure). Surely NYC isn't such a novelty for most people, but man that city is awesome! Maybe it's just getting over my semester focusing on urban design, but I just love the way the city works, how people live, all the dynamic public spaces and how much energy there is there. First timers, I know.

In Times Square

In front of Central Park

We were just there for the weekend so we didn't get to see a whole lot, but it's definitely on the list of places we need to visit again... without kids. One minor detail I may not have mentioned, we brought our kids with us.

Proof of how crazy we are for carting our kids around with us.

Yep, we traveled all the way up there so our kids could do this.

Our attempt at a family picture where Erin (unsurprisingly) will not face the camera.

One reason we chose New York is because one of my roommates from BYU lives close by. Laura and I met our freshman year and then fate brought us and about 10 other girls together to King Henry our next two years. Living with someone with the same name as me was great, especially when one roommate's boyfriend kept calling and talking to "Laura" who was mysteriously always home and kept switching personalities, interests and majors. The poor guys was so confused. But not us. After all, we had our nick names which naturally were also the same, Lamar--only adding to the confusion. One day our roommate wrote a message on the board for Lamar Evens (my maiden name is Evans) which we all got a kick out of and from then on I was Evens and she was Odds (or Weirds)--much easier to distinguish. Interestingly, all of the birthdays and anniversaries in my family fall on even days and hers on odd days. Again, fate. Most of my fondest memories of BYU involve just hanging out (which I certainly would have gotten an A in if it had been a class... Lamar Odds seemed to study more than the rest of us, but somehow still managed to join us) and also everyone sitting on one couch for some reason. Those were some really good times! We had a great time visiting her and her family and pushing 5 kids around the city. Thanks for showing us around. You guys are awesome!

Lamar Evens and Lamar Odds

Also, this is how you entertain your kids on the airplane. Items needed? A laptop with a camera, iPhoto effects and a weird dad.

And this is what your kids look like when you marry someone this cute...


Lisa said...

How fun! I have always wanted to visit NYC, but never have. I would be SUCH a big dork of a tourist. But why not??? Might as well enjoy it.

HeatherIsHere said...

I was truly enjoying this post until I came to the psychedelic photo warps. Ewww! I'm going to have nightmares.

Jared said...

Laura - Those really are "psychedelic" photos. I look like a nutcase! :)

Tyson and Stephanie said...

I can't stop laughing! It is so funny to read how you dared to take your kids to NYC. You are BRAVE! That is good though, unlike me who doesn't dare go outside of my house anymore for fear of absolute humiliation! Glad to see you survived. Then I really couldn't stop laughing at those wacko pictures. They are disturbing! Jared is too funny. Thanks for the entertainment!

Smiley Sarah's Blog said...

Those Pictures are awesome!! Glad you had fun.
Oh yeah. Jared, you are a nutcase. JK!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known you were in NYC! I would have come to see you. Let me know if you ever return.