Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Quick warning: I just finished my midterm project and a long awaited and much needed spring break is next week. I have been composing blog entries in my head for weeks but they haven't made it to the blog yet, so you might be seeing a lot. I always feel weird writing so much at once, but whatever. We all know how to skim and scan, right? Do what you like with it. All I know is I've got time and my blog (and hopefully my house) will reap the benefits.

First, I guess I will mention that my midterm went very well. As I predicted, there were a lot of late nights and far too many all nighters to count to get everything done. People may wonder why architorture takes so much time, and I sometimes I wonder that myself. But believe me, it is not just me, it is the area of study. If anyone is thinking about studying architecture just keep in mind that you must absolutely LOVE it or you might die. I wish I could just be a slacker and not care so much about it. Why do I HAVE to be the best in the class anyway? I don't know. For me, time seems to fly when I am working and I am always surprised (and maybe a little frustrated) when birds start chirping and my kids begin asking me for breakfast (seriously, it was just 2:00 am, how is that possible?).

Take Sunday. I left for school at 5:30 pm hoping to meet with my partner, finish everything and leave "early". We were completely focused for hours hunched over our laptops, making changes, printing out layouts that would be changed and hour later, etc. And then we finally realized that we were starving... and that the sun was up... that other normal people were already going to class and work... and that we would have to move our cars out of the lot that doesn't allow student parking after 8:00 am! Don't get me wrong, I know this is insane, I will admit it. People shouldn't stay up all night and try to take care of their kids the next day. I know that it is crazy to feel so refreshed after going to bed "early" at 2:30am. I realize I'm warped when I look at the clock at 3:00 am and congratulate myself for getting so much done so early yet still stay up till 6:00am. One night I was getting so tired but had so much to do. I told myself to just make it till 5:00 am... but somehow I just couldn't. The next day I realized the clock had run out of batteries at 4:45! Who knows what time I actually went to bed? So, this is Design 9, what I had put off and dreaded for so long--and with good reason.

So why do it? I actually ask myself that a lot. Well, I suppose it's because I have a passion for it! It is so incredibly fulfilling in the end. Being able to stand in front of people and present everything I have agonized over for countless hours and then get good reviews is priceless. It makes all the well, torture worth it. I guess it's not just the end, but the process too. Sometimes in the middle of the night when things seem to be working or looking really good I literally think to myself "this is really fun!"

And just so you don't think I am making this up, here is a picture of my amazing partner and me after presenting our scheme to the City of Oakland Park and community members.

Our project is on display on these boards and is an urban redevelopment of a section of one of the main streets in the city. I do have to mention how lucky I have felt to have worked with Johanna. Group work can be really great or absolutely horrible (I've had both), so when we had a chance to pick partners we both looked at each other from our previous less than perfect groups and nodded simultaneously as if we were meant to work together. Anyway, she is a hard worker, very smart, extremely creative and I think our skills and talents really complimented each other.

Nonetheless, I am glad that is over. It has felt like a midterm every week for the past month with pin-ups every Tuesday. I don't know who it is hardest on, me or Jared. Honestly, there is no way I could do any of this without his support. He takes care of the kids every morning so I can sleep a little and then several nights a week while I am gone. I know it is not easy for him, but he does such a great job and is so understanding of my situation, but more about him in another post. And FYI, Monday was a really crappy day after such a long weekend. I haven't felt that bad in a long time. I'm pretty sure the kids got fed and even dressed, and I know Erin went to school and got home, but the details of all this are a bit sketchy. I do remember waking up to a child screaming and being on the floor or couch and wondering how I got there several times that day. Is that what it's like to have a hangover? Not important, I feel much better now!

Oh, one great side benefits of this is a little added home security. This is how my house looked one night as I was working on the model (yes, this is the entry of our house). We figure anyone that breaks into our house is going to have a harder time getting around than they will stealing anything. Come to think of it, it's not really baby proof either... (hey, I try to keep the saws and razors up high, but a little glue never hurt anyone, right?).


Anonymous said...

Wow! Mr. Brady made it look so easy! His office was always so neat and his drafting table hardly seemed touched. And he was always in bed at a decent hour with Mrs. Brady. How'd he do it?

HeatherIsHere said...

This is an awesome post, for those of us wondering what exactly you've been doing... and why! Your presentation looks amazing and I'm glad to hear you are doing something that means so much to you.