Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things about...

ERIN!!! Since everyone and their dog has done this on Facebook, I figured it would be interesting to see what Erin said about herself at this age.

1. I remember that we went to Utah
2. I love my parents
3. I got stitches on my chin when I was three after swinging on the couch, landing on the tile and splitting it open.
4. My favorite food is water
5. My favorite TV show is Super Why
6. I like all the princesses but Cinderella is my favorite
7. I remember we went skiing and daddy helped me because I was afraid (I think she means skating)
8. My favorite color is pink
9. My favorite book is Pinkalicious
10. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day because I love making cards for everyone and I love my Valentine stuff
11. I like to give myself haircuts (though I have promised not to do it again)
12. I like to play Legos
13. I like to run around and ride bikes and swing on the swings
14. I like to go around the block
15. I love eating dinner, just certain dinners
16. I like pink outfits the best and pink dresses
17. I don't like Alex doing anything wrong to me
18. I don't like things that smell bad, like cat food and cinnamon and the smell when I got out of the car today "they are too disgusting!"
19. I don't like friends that do things that are not nice
20. I like doing art at school
21. My favorite center at school is housekeeping
22. I am four
23. I know I am beautiful
24. I like Elmo's world
25. I'm good at school


Max Evans said...

Hey, Erin, I remember when you came to Utah too. When I was little I liked school, too. That's why I became a teacher. But I didn't like art at my school. I never knew what to paint and art meant painting. Now I have learned to paint and I like it. Did you know that your Mom's birthday is on Valentine's Day? Grandpa and I will come and see you then. Love, Grandma

Max Evans said...

P.S. I am in Grandpa's e-mail, but it is really Grandma speaking.