Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meet Marissa Daniels !!!

Marissa Daniels is the newest member of the Daniels Family. She was born at 8:10 pm on June 6th, 2008. She came in weighing 7lb 5oz and is 19 3/4 in long. is the story. It begins on Friday morning. We had no idea that the baby would be born this day, but for whatever reason we had a picture taken of us as a family.

Later on, Laura called me at work (4:00 pm) just to talk...she forgets to mention that she has been having regular contractions for the last hour. These contractions didn't yet hurt, but were regular. She calls me back at 5:00 asking when I was going to be coming home because " the way I'm having regular contractions." I left work within 10 min at that point :)

After getting home, she is still not in pain, so we go ahead and continue getting ready to go, including having dinner. The contractions start getting painful at about 6:15, but not so bad that she couldn't function (at least fairly normally) in-between contractions. We leave the house at 6:45 to go to the Miami Maternity Center and got there at about 7:15.

This picture was taken shortly after getting to the Maternity can see the bathtub in the background where she would actually deliver the baby. Laura looks really good here, but it is at this point that she begins to have nearly constant and the most painful of the contractions.

Here she is working through one of her contractions, shortly before changing to get into the tub.

So....not too many pictures of the actual delivery, but Emily (Laura's sister) was there taking notes and getting the whole thing on video (not included here :) I will tell you though that at about 8:07 Laura actually started pushing...and 3 min later Marissa was handed to her. I did my part by cutting the umbilical cord shortly after that.

Marissa (I'm still getting used to the name) is quite a little cutie. I don't think that she looks like either of our other kids. She seems to have a mellow personality and is seemingly content just looking around.

A Daddy Daughter Moment

Mom and Dad with new Baby Marissa

Mommy Daughter Moment...isn't Laura radiant :)

Aunt Emily getting a chance to hold the baby

Grandma Mary...with Marissa of course

We left the Maternity Center at about 12:30 pm...just over 5 hours after actually getting there. The Mid-wives and staff there are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. They perform a complete checkup and as long as the mother and child are doing well there is no need to keep them there. We also would much rather simply come home...and so we did.

This is Laura shortly after we got home just sitting on the couch watching Grandma hold the baby. She doesn't look at all like she just delivered a baby :)

Marissa has been an angel baby today...sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, and sleep some more. Hopefully this will continue tonight as well.

We are certainly very excited to welcome her into our home.


Lisa said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! But I have to say- Laura, it is just not right for any woman to look that gorgeous, calm and happy while in LABOR! You are incredible. We love you, Daniels Family!

- said...

Congrats!!! Marissa is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wish you all the best.

Marinda said...

congratulations, laura! i was thinking about you the last couple of days and wondering when you would have your baby. i am not even going to comment on how good you look- my belly feels like it is touching my knees and you look so good! anyway, i am glad things went well and baby is doing fine. take care of yourself!

Teresa Olsen said...

Thanks for sharing! you are a beautiful family. I would never look that good after delivery! You are my hero! Glad all went well. We love when Louise sends us all you kids news. Thanks again. Love, Bill, Teresa Maddy and Emma Olsen

Wayne said...

Way to go guys! Glad to see your family is growing. It's been a long time since I saw you guys, so it's great to hear you're doing well. Cousin, Wayne Olsen

Eric & Laura said...

Congrats you guys! We are so excited that she's here and healthy! And everyone is telling the's just not right for someone who gave birth 5 hours earlier to look that amazing! We hope your recovery goes as smoothly!

Eric & Laura said...

p.s. we totally think she looks like your other 2! She's so gorgeous and she looks a lot like them!

kkerr said...

Congratulations! So glad she is here and healthy! Laura, you look incredible - good job working through those contractions. She is a cutie!

Laura said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful addition to your family.

Adam and Ariel said...

Congratulations and thank you for making it look so easy! (Here's hoping!)

Musimommy said...

Congrats!! I can't believe you just went there, had the baby, and came home and look completely relaxed. You are a stronger woman than I!!

Kristin said...

Congrats guys! Sounds like you are a powerhouse Laura! I'll have to call you next time I have a baby for support!

The Gaertner's said...

Congratulations, Laura! Parabens, Jared!:) How sweet and adorable Marissa is! And you, Laura, you are absolutely amazing--out of this world, my Friend. Your family is beauuuuuutiful. Congratulations again!

Big Brazilian hug with all our love,

Levy & Elizabeth

Daisy said...

Congratulations, Marissa is adorable, Laura you look incredible, you are amazing....
Congratulations Daniels Family.
Thanks for sharig with us.
Fermin & Daisy

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful!!! I also think she looks like the other two!