Sunday, June 22, 2008

Erin's Birthday

Erin turned 4 on last Wednesday! I can't believe how much she is growing up and how time flies! She said she wanted three things: pancakes for breakfast (easy enough), cupcakes (which she helped me make), and to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. I'm not sure how she knew about Chuck-E-Cheese because we've never been there, but it was a pretty easy request considering that it's about a half mile from our house.

The three kids. After we got home we had the cupcakes and opened her presents.

Here's Erin on one of the "rides" at Chuck-E-Cheese

Their first air hockey game. This one made me laugh because Alex is so short but he thinks he is a big kid and can do whatever Erin does.

Alex also learned how to play skee-ball (hmm, we may have to work on this one).
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kkerr said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Erin! We're glad you got what you wanted for your birthday!

Dad & Mom Daniels said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!! You've grown up so much!

Love ya, Grandma D.

Lisa said...

What a great birthday! I can't believe Erin is four! She is such a beautiful, sweet girl.

Rena said...

She is so cute.
I hope you are adjusting to being a mother of three. Congratulations on the smooth delivery!