Thursday, February 21, 2008

Las Vegas

Jared had a business trip in Las Vegas a few weeks ago so we dumped our kids onto some very nice friends and I flew to Vegas to meet him on Valentine's Day. Up until that point the week had been stressful and emotional for me (I'm sure being pregnant had nothing to do with it). So by the time Thursday rolled around, I was ready for a break. The flight was great: I got to read my book, I didn't get barfed on, peed on or have to deal with diarrhea the whole time, though I was wishing I had brought some wipes.

Jared greeted me at the airport with flowers and the best box of chocolate cherry cookies. We went shopping for a bit, got reservations for dinner and then went to the Wynn where we sat on this balcony overlooking a pond with a water wall surrounded by trees. They had colored lights going and every half hour there was a different music/light/water show. It was kind of like watching Baby Einstein. Jared and I sat under a heat lamp (it was pretty cold for us Floridians) and just got to talk for over an hour. How romantic. It really was the best Birthday/Valentine's retreat. Of course staying in a nice hotel that Motorola paid for wasn't bad either.

This picture, as you may recognize from the name tags, is us going to the Price is Right Live (the "Live" distinguishes it from the one in LA that is on the air). It was really fun but neither of us got called up. Bummer. We got to go to the temple on Saturday, which was such a great contrast from the smoke-filled casinos where everyone has the same glazed-over expression on their face (if gambling is so much fun, how come nobody is smiling?) Then we visited Jared's Aunt and Uncle and they took us to a bunch of model homes. As many people know, this is one of my favorite things to do. I think I've converted Jared to liking it

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