Thursday, June 25, 2015

Connor's 5th Birthday

Connor turned 5 on June 14th. In case you weren't aware that June 14th is also Flag Day, Connor made sure to have everything flag themed. We made a flag cake, got little flags and decorated the house with red and blue crepe paper. Every time Connor sees a flag anywhere he yells, "It's my flag!" because it is his day after all. We also got him a green balloon because green is his favorite color, and Hallie popped it before Connor even woke up. Sad.

Connor also got breakfast in bed (technically he was under the table on the carpet in his room--for some reason), but since he is such a late sleeper, there was no rush to get up and make it before he woke up. It was a Sunday though so we had to hurry and get ready for church.

Later that day we had cake and opened his presents. He got money from his grandparents and a soccer ball and soccer nets from us. He is signed up for his first real season of soccer this fall. I'm really excited to see him play because he has always loved sports and balls.
We had this box from Amazon with Connor's present in it for over a month just sitting by the door. The kids wanted to wrap it, but I told them to decorate the box instead.
 Connor and Alex playing soccer. These boys really love each other!
You may have noticed the cast on in the birthday pictures. The last week of May Connor broke his arm. He tells the story way better than I do. And he takes his time telling about it. It is really important for him to be heard and to finish what he is saying without getting interrupted. "I was jumping off the A of my swing set and I fell and landed on my chest and I pinched my bone." This is the story he's told over and over. I didn't see it so I'm not exactly sure how his arm was if he landed on his chest. He came in crying and saying his wrist hurt, so I had him just lay down and ice it. He seemed okay after that so we went to pack meeting, played and went to bed. The next day we went to a preschool party at the park and he played just fine all day. That night Alex was playing and grabbed his wrists. That's when Connor started screaming. Jared took him in to get x-rays and they revealed that he had a little buckle fracture on one side of his bone. Since it didn't really crack the bone, it looked more like the bone was pinched (which is why he always says that he pinched his bone).
He got this cast on a few days later. It is his favorite color and is also a waterproof cast. What will they think of next? It was a little bit extra money but way worth it. He can shower and go swimming without having to worry about it stinking and getting all gross. He loves getting people to sign it (it has way more on it now than in this picture).

Connor did great with his online preschool this year. I'm happy that he will start kindergarten knowing how to read. I think he will do great next year. He also had tons of fun with the Joy School that we did with his friends. This is a picture of him getting his preschool diploma at the park. Again, he is making quite a speech when he was asked what he liked about preschool this year. He went on and on about everything he liked. Such a funny kid.
Connor also gives really great prayers. He will always ask that we can be respectful of other, and follow Jesus, live the gospel, feel the spirit, have a missionary 'sperience, etc. He has some great friends on our street. He plays with Hunter almost every day, but he loves playing with Hadlee, and Andrew and Alan from across the street too. Alan is a year younger than him and he adores Connor so much, a little too much for Connor sometimes.

He has really turned into a mellow kid who is really fun to be around. He also shows love by giving hugs and kisses and is always aware of when he thinks I might need one. We love Connor so much and are grateful for what he gives to our family. Happy Birthday Buddy!

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