Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hallie-isms, Wesley and Mother's Day


Happy Birthday- whenever we ask if she is happy, she says she is happy birthday (and has for months)

A'cause, for a Christmas- she says this one whenever you ask her why, or she just says "a-cause" (because)

Whenever I try to call the baby Wessie or Westerly she says, "No, it's Baby Wethley!"

Whenever she goes to bed she says, "Wuthu too, night!" (Love you too, night!) We've all started saying it. She says it to the kids when they go to school. So cute.

Her favorite knock knock joke is the boo-who one, only hers goes like this, Knock, knock. Who's there? Don't cry, s'a joke. (she leaves out the boo part)

She gets really mad when we turn her shirt towards her tummy to put it on and yells, "No, it's backwards!" She doesn't get that it will end up the right way and usually puts her shirts on backwards because of it.

Putday Pawty (Birthday party)- She got invited to her first birthday party a couple of weeks ago and would not stop talking about the putday pawty that she went to. She even slept with the invitation.

Mickey Mouse Tubhouse (clubhouse)- this has been her favorite show for months. Unfortunately, Netflix only has one episode (the road rally) so she watched it over and over again.

Real and Fake Remote- Since Hallie always wants to hold the remote, Connor gives her an old remote that doesn't work and tells her that she has the real remote and his is the fake remote. It seems to work. Sometimes she asks where the fake remote is.

Up... Pie (up high) and Apples... Sauce- said with big pauses between the words

Sit on Santa's Yap- ever since she sat on Santa's lap (and screamed while she slid off), she always talks about it. At first she would say that Santa is really scary. Now she always says that she got things from Santa, like her belly button.

He is so tute- referring to baby Westhley

Tose a door (close the door) and Oh-oh it (open it)

Yelling "YA-YIN!" in the middle of the night. She shares a room with Erin now so she often wakes her up yelling her name.

I asked Hallie to go get a diaper and she didn't want to. After a little bit she said, "Fine" and went and got one.

This picture cracks me up. I came home one night and all the kids were in their pajamas. I didn't recognize the shorts that Hallie had on until I looked a little closer and saw that they were Wesley's 0-3 month size pants! You know your two year old is skinny when she fits into her newborn brother's clothes.
She loves getting her picture taken. Whenever I want to take one of Wesley, she insists on getting hers taken too. She is such a cute, funny and sweet kid and is growing up so fast.


Wesley is two months old! He started smiling a couple of weeks ago and looks so cute when he smiles. He is growing a lot and is a very solid/chunky guy. He weighs almost 11 lbs. now. He eats really well and acts happy, but his immune system is still compromised. His poop has been really runny since he was a week old (not normal newborn poop), which is an indication that his gut hasn't built up the good bacteria yet after the antibiotics killed it all. We still can't take him very many places because the doctors are worried about him getting sick. We've been lucky so far, especially with so many kids around him constantly. I would hate to have to give him another round of antibiotics.

He is an okay sleeper, but is not on any sort of schedule. He takes all of his naps in the swing or snuggling with me on the couch. Nights are pretty random. There were three nights in a row that he slept a solid 4 hours and the fourth night he slept for 6 hours! It was amazing (though I do recall still feeling like a zombie all day). After those great nights, he started waking up every 2 hours again. What can you do?

I love this little guy so much! I am looking forward to being able to take him more places and to feel like his immune system is more solid when we do.

Mother's Day

I completely forgot about Mother's Day until Jared and 5 of the 6 kids came and woke me up with breakfast in bed (Connor has been sleeping in super late recently). I got some great home made gifts including a hard bound book of poems about me from Erin. So great. I got to go to church and see the kids sing for Mother's Day. We took some pictures after church. All of a sudden this looks like a lot of kids! They are all so amazing and interesting. I couldn't imagine not being a mother. It is the greatest blessing in my life. Even though it can be challenging, there are so many moments that make having them around so great. I feel so blessed!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness- wasn't Hallie the baby like ten minutes ago?? She has grown up a lot!! Love the things she says. And Wesley is adorable!

Callie said...

Love this, love your kids, love you!