Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Note

Here's a note I found upstairs last night. It was a conversation between Alex and Erin.

A- Stay up all night? Circle yes or no! Maby/sortufe
E- Can I sleep in your room? Circle yes or no
A- mabie. If I let you don't be loud or else. POW! PS. do you want to sleep in here? Circle yes or no (yes is circled)
E- YES!!! .....if it's o.k. and dad....i'll go ask them right now!! YAY!!
A- Well? Instead of sleeping in the circus tent... sleep on bed? If you want, if not I'll sleep by you or Marissa. Make sure to choose one! sssssssssh
E- I sortufe want to sleep in the circus tent. Not that I don't like your bed but tomorrow's going to be a fun day and it will just be better if I wake up in a circus tent! So thanks for your ofor but I want to sleep in the circus tent. and remember sshhhhhh :) ha ha! bye! bye!
A- Then I'm sleeping with one of you girls. Who do you think I should sleep with? But I have an idea. Mabie you could sleep in Connor's bed if you don't like that, don't sleep in the circus tent. By the way we could sleep in your room but I'll stick with mine.
E- I am going to sleep in the circus tent no mater what! So stop telling me not to! If you want somewone -misspelled (she wrote misspelled) to sleep in Connor's bed why don't you do it? Or you can sleep in front of the circus tent but you don't have to do it, it's just a sugustun -misspelled. And remember shhhhhh! :) ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! one more time!
A- Curse you! I'm going to move the circus tent out of my room if you sleep in there or I could just sleep with Connor. Marissa your not sleeping in that thing.

There is also an "I Luv ERin" on the paper written by Marissa

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