Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Pictures (never a good idea)

Here's a little game I call:
"Guess Which Child was the Grumpiest on Family Picture Day?

It's tricky...

 Still not sure?
 Maybe these will help.

Suffice it to say that Connor won the prize. He was not happy at all and would do anything to not look at the camera/run away/cry. We did get some good pictures of the other kids and I photoshopped one family picture to make it acceptable for everyone. But don't think I won't be hanging some of Mr. Cranky Pants up. I will. We were kind of mad at the time, but a week has past and now it's kind of funny. It is impossible to get everyone cleaned, groomed, dressed, fed, napped and happy all at the same time. IMPOSSIBLE! Why would I even think it would be anything but what it was? Pictures are so stressful, but I felt like it was time to do another one since we've added to the family since our last ones. Phew! Now to get them on the walls.

Here's the best one of everyone. Just be nice and tell me you can't tell what was photoshopped. Here's a hint though, Connor was not touched. It's one of two that he was sort of smiling in. We'll take it!


Michelle said...

I love love love this! your family is so cute, even with mr grumpy pants! who did your pics?

Lisa said...

These are adorable. You should give these to his future wife someday. And I have no idea what was photoshopped on the last one??

Callie said...

Oh Connor love that grumpy face! I am glad you survived pictures. You can't even tell it was photo shopped.
Cute cute family!

Carin Hales said...

Love the pics! You guys look great!!!