Sunday, November 25, 2012


I figured since I put my Christmas tree up yesterday, that it was probably time to document what happened two holidays ago. We did our annual pumpkin carving. This time we let Erin have her own, since she didn't need as much help with it this time, then the boys had one and Marissa and I had one. They all wanted to do monsters so none of them ended up with two eyes. Erin's had one eye...
Alex's had three eyes...
and Marissa's had four eyes, with eyelashes of course. Hers was a girl.
They did all the designing. I have to say that doing things like this is so much easier than it used to be. My kids can do so much more by themselves so it makes this stuff pretty enjoyable, as opposed to it sounding like a good idea until we actually try it and it ends up being so much more stressful than fun. See? It even looks like Jared is having fun.

All lit up.
Hallie, as always, was a good little baby who stayed in her swing the entire time. She didn't even mind getting treated like a rag doll (see photo).
We had a ward trunk-or-treat the night before Halloween, which allowed the kids to get oodles of candy with very little effort. Erin went as a cat (easiest costume ever).
Marissa went as a fairy. Do not make the mistake of calling her a princess like some people did, because you would be completely wrong--and Marissa would have told you so. I think she was supposed to be a fairy named Rhapsody from a super annoying show called "Meet the Fairies", which I eventually had to ban for my own sanity.
Connor was Woody, partly because I was too lazy to get him a real costume of his own that wasn't already in the dress-up box, and partly because he refused to put anything else on. 
He loved the lollypops (I am so glad our candy is all gone now!)
Hallie sort of had two costumes. The first was a pink poodle that looked more like a sheep and that was two sizes too big for her. Look at her little arms poking through that giant costume.
The second costume was a cat hat and cat socks, which she wore to the school Halloween parade and trick-or-treating on Halloween night.
Alex was Batman just like last year because, again, I was too lazy to get him something new. It still fit him. Here they all are before the Trunk-or-Treat.
They ended up going out the very next night around the neighborhood to double the amount of candy they had from the night before. And yes, they were getting candy from the exact same people that had given them candy the night before. So dumb. Overall, I'm sure we got a net gain in candy. I used to love it as a kid, as I'm sure my kids do too, but as a mom it is so annoying to have that much candy around. We were lucky that the weather was so nice that day so that we didn't have to bundle up too much. Reminded me of Florida. Until next year, Happy Halloween!

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