Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

We had great weather this weekend for Easter, especially considering it snowed on Friday! It feels so nice and springy now. Yesterday morning I woke up early to make some rolls and then realized that I hadn't set out the kids' Easter baskets yet. As I was getting stuff together, Erin came downstairs. Since she was up, I asked her to help me with the surprises. Then when we got home from church she wondered if the Easter bunny had come, you know, to hide some eggs. That's when I told her that the Easter bunny came that morning to give them their baskets. "No, mommy. That was you that gave us that stuff." That's when I said, "Erin... I am the Easter bunny... There isn't a real bunny that comes to give you eggs." All she could say was, "What?"--as if this was shocking news to her. She is almost 8 so I figured she probably knew already. Funny.

Here are the surprises. They all got new art supplies, because they've been coloring with dried up markers for a while now (which is their own fault for not putting the lids on). They all love art so much, that it made me feel like they should get new stuff. But this time, all of them are washable. We have too many marks on the wall already. I love the girls' Easter dresses this year!The best quote from Alex yesterday was, "I wish candy wasn't so sugary!" They definitely got way too much sugar this weekend. Probably more than at Halloween, with a lot less effort on their part. We went to an extended family Easter party on Saturday where they filled their baskets to the brim in a matter of minutes from an Easter egg hunt. They got to ride horses, dye eggs and break a pinata--more candy! Then they got even more on Sunday.
Connor got so dirty!Look at all those eggs.
Of course, Connor didn't get a nap that day. He was so tuckered out that he fell asleep watching a movie... on Marissa. Then on Erin.
We had my family over for dinner on Sunday which was fun. We finally had a reason to used our nice china dishes. After dinner there was another Easter egg hunt for the kids (upstairs instead of outside because we still just have dirt). Then we all helped my nephew make a poster to run for student body officer. I liked the slogan, "Give a dang, Vote for Sam!" but he wasn't sure it was appropriate, so he went with a picture of Sam I Am holding a sign that said "Vote for Sam" that I cut out on my Silhouette. He's sure to win with a poster like that.

We dyed our eggs on Thursday night and, amazingly, it was an enjoyable experience. It's usually filled with broken eggs and spilled dye, little kids and stress. This time, kids could do eggs on their own, for the most part. Connor was even a good, mellow kid. He did spill some dye, and he drank some, but other than that, this was our best year. Erin took one to school the next day for an egg roll and she came home so excited because she won! The first thing she said to me was, "Mommy, you made the best hard boiled eggs because mine didn't break!" She also had a great Easter hat with eggs and grass on it that she wore all weekend.

The only other thing that happened was that we were a few minutes late for church on Sunday, which meant that there was not a single seat left for us, let alone 6 six seats together. It was even before the sacrament. We had to sit on the stand with our wiggly kids and about 6 other families. Good grief! We took the spot where the ward choir was supposed to stand. I hate that our ward is so freaking big!

But anyway, Happy Easter! This is our attempt to take pictures after church.This is the only one Connor was smiling in.


Katie said...

love it! I told my kids the easter bunny comes and hides whatever eggs we provide. But then when I forgot to do that they all agreed with me that the easter bunny is creepy anyway. Around here we hide our own eggs.

Bärenfamilie said...

Oh, so nice! The way Connor felt asleep on his sisters is just too cute :-) and the dresses for the girls are just beautiful!! Greetings from Germany :-)

Coralee said...

Cute pictures! We'll have to see you guys now that you live closer. Did you get the FB and email evite from me?