Monday, January 30, 2012

Church, Family Stuff and Friends for 20 Years

Last night I took Erin to her baptism preview. My thoughts on this are, Do I really have a kid that is old enough to be baptized? and What a special and important decision to make as a young child. It got me thinking about baptism as I felt the spirit and the truthfulness of the gospel. It made me wonder if I had done enough to help my children understand what this really means. Have I even done anything? While they were talking about baptism Erin leaned over and asked what immersion meant and then on the way home she asked what you do if you make more mistakes after all your sins are washed away. After I got baptized I clearly remember sitting up straight and trying my best to be perfect from then on. It was quite the responsibility. That obviously didn't last too long. I realized the effort was just too much. Anyway, I explained that the purpose of the sacrament is to renew that covenant, repent and start again, every week. I think Erin was relieved about that. Then she told me I could stop talking now. I've got some more teaching to do though. I want her to really understand this and I want it to be her decision, not just because that's what her parents told her to do. And she is understanding so much more lately. It is an exciting year, that's for sure.

We also went to the temple for a family sealing session on Saturday. My mom had done a whole bunch of work finding names and everyone has been doing the work for these people. It was so special to be there with some aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, and parents to do this work for our ancestors. I can't take any credit for it, but it was special to be a part of it. The temple worker mentioned that he would give anything to have this many of his family members in the temple together. I have a great family!

The next day was another family event up at Jared's parents' house. His younger brother turned 12 and got the Aaronic Priesthood. His dad, 5 of his brothers and 1 brother in law stood in the circle. Things like that are always cool things to see. Love big families!

This week Marissa has been so much better. I have tried to understand her emotions more instead of automatically get mad when she whines or ignores me. Dang it, I hope my kids come out without needing too much therapy. This week Connor had a rough time. He had a few days with a slight fever and then a few where he refused to eat and several where he could not be calmed down for anything. Typical every now and then, I'm sure, but frustrating nonetheless. He seems a little better the last couple of days. Who wants to be next? I feel like the kids know when one kid is having a hard time so they decide to behave until it's their turn. I guess that's a good thing because I really don't think I could handle two or more kids acting up at the same time.

Maybe that was the reason my older kids were so helpful this week. On Saturday we all spent almost three hours cleaning the house and Erin and Alex did a ton of work willingly and without complaining. How did I get such awesome kids? They single-handedly cleaned the bathrooms, picked up and organized the playroom, cleaned their rooms and did the laundry. Yes, laundry. (It's got to be because our laundry room is so great, it's magnetic.) And Erin mopped the whole main floor for the first time by herself. Why don't I ever get pictures of these things? I overheard Alex telling Erin, "We love to do our jobs because we are trying to be more helpful, right Erin?" It sure is a light at the end of the tunnel to see that my kids can do stuff like this on their own.

There are some really, really nice people in the neighborhood. I feel like there are so many to get to know and they all have kids the same ages as my kids. A couple of ladies came over today with their kids for lunch and a play date. While they were here, three other neighbors asked their kids to play today too. Crazy. I have to get in the loop. My kids will love it. And I will too.

So, I've been thinking about life next year because preschool and kindergarten sign-ups are next week. I'm having a dilemma about whether to put Alex in morning kindergarten or afternoon. Either way I will have to go to the bus stop three times. If he did afternoon then Erin and Alex could walk home together, which would be nice. But if Marissa has a morning preschool, having Alex home in the morning might be a dumb idea. Any suggestions???

Lastly, I love my friends. I love all my friends, but right now I'm talking about the ones from high school. This is a picture of our last get together. The thumbs down is to commemorate the time Cheryl and I ruined Jana's wedding pictures by doing the exact same thing (because we were still single).

Who knew that 20 years later we'd still be friends? I never actually thought I would be able to say that I'd been friends with someone for 20 years. I mean, that's like what my parents say not what I should be saying. Twenty years?! We had a lot of good times being band geeks in high school, playing bumper cars in the high school parking lot and getting kicked out of a good share of restaurants. And who can forget the time Marinda and I had no choice but to rescue Jana from the liquor store in California when we were 16. How were two innocent Utah girls supposed to know you could buy chips in a store like that? But, that is how our friendship began.

I don't know where this was taken (probably Green River?), or how many years ago. Judging from the Girbaud shorts I'm wearing, around 1995. Just look how young we all look (and don't mind the "rat" on my face--I have no idea what that is about)
I guess after high school I thought I would move on and make new college friends. And I did. I loved my college roommates. Those were some of the best days of my life. But after a few years of seeing my high school friends in the summers, writing letters (like actual letters with stamps) with Cheryl for a couple of years, and serving three missions between all of us, Jana, Cheryl and I became roommates at BYU. Good times. After I got married and moved to Florida, we still remained great friends. There are just certain people that you can be yourself with, laugh with (and at) and tell your problems to without any reservation. That's the kind of friends these are. The kind that you can have fun with pulling out pink and white animal crackers every time you come to an intersection to determine which way to go, and just figuring out where you end up. Or rolling down the biggest hill you can find while acting out The Princess Bride. Or dressing up as old ladies to take pictures at a completely packed bowling alley just because we thought it would be funny. Now that I'm back in Utah, we have a girls' night out once a month with Jana, Cheryl, Marinda, Cara (who is finally back in the loop after a divorce and remarriage-yay!) and Jenn, when she can make it (dumb night job!). I love these outings! I love these friends! I don't have to start over or get to know anyone. It' just a bunch of good friends that have known each other for about 20 years now. And, there'll probably be another good 20 or 40 more!

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Marinda said...

wow. we're old. 20 years, huh? i couldn't stop laughing when you mentioned how to had to "save" jana from the liquor store. i totally forgot that story! so funny. question is: how did jana KNOW they sell chips in a liquor store???????