Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moved in, sort of.

Hi. So we have a house. Closing was last week and everything went as smoothly as it could have. It was so nice working with the relocation people at Jared's new job. What a blessing! They even gave us a bonus check for using their people to both buy and sell our homes. We spent a few days last week doing little things around the house that still aren't done yet (putting the hardware on the cabinets up, installing the garage door opener and painting the banister). All things we could have had them do but we were trying to save money and do it ourselves. I tell you, a person can really get to know a banister when they spend as much time with it as I did last week. I deglossed it, sanded it, wiped it down, taped and then spent another 4 hours priming it. I still have two more coats. What was I thinking? I just have to remind myself that they were going to charge us $700 to paint it white. I am doing it for around $50.

Friday we threw stuff in boxes and moved everything over on Saturday morning. I cannot even believe how many people showed up to help us move. It was incredible. I couldn't even count because they were constantly moving, but I would guess at least 25-30 people, mostly from our old ward, some from our new ward and also some of both of our families. We started just after 8:30 and had the truck ready by 9:15. We took another truck to the storage unit and loaded that up by about 10:15. By 11:30 everything was in our new house, including our washer and dryer on the second level and our piano--safe and sound. We are so very grateful for everyone's help! It made the move so easy.

Blinds are ordered but not here yet. That's a little awkward, considering our shower has a great view--from both sides of the windows. We were planning to shower in the kids' bathroom on Sunday morning until I realized we had no shower curtain. Instead we opted to tape newspaper to the window and shower in our bathroom. Finding socks and church clothes was another story. I almost gave up all together.

I've gotten the kitchen and laundry rooms pretty much up and running, as well as the kids' clothes. Everything else in the house is a disaster. I don't even know where to begin (which is why I'm writing this). It's either write or snuggle up in a blanket with some hot chocolate, watch the snow fall and think about how Erin brought absolutely no snow clothes to school today. They are around here somewhere.

So far I love the house! The laundry room might be my favorite part. That's weird, right? It's my dream to have three separate baskets so that the kids can separate the laundry by color. Think how easy that would be. It's only a dream right now, but the baskets are in place. I love that it's upstairs right between the kids' rooms and across from the bathroom. Easy access and no excuses for not putting clothes in there.

I love the play room and the kids do to. They have loved playing with things they haven't seen for 6 months. It's a huge mess, but it keeps them occupied while I unpack. I love that the kitchen is so functional and exactly our style. I love the huge pantry. I love that we have a place for our computers. I'm sure there will be more to love, like the garage and such, but right now they are too disastrous to enjoy.

It seems like there are so many things to buy when you get to a new house. Today I just realized that we need to add "shovel" to the list. I think it's finally winter. The day we were moving was beautiful and warm, I mean for December. Yet another thing to be grateful for. I might post pictures of the new house sometime. Just don't hold your breath. Now back to unpacking...

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