Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Wife is Amazing

So although this is our "Family" blog, in reality this is Laura space to share with the world her thoughts, joys, sorrows, activities (personal and family), and in some instances to simply vent. Although I can claim some credit in setting it up for her and teach her how to use it, it really is her space. But...I hope she doesn't mind if I hijack it for a post about her.

Maybe a mother's day, Birthday or anniversary would have been a good 'time' to post this...but why wait for such an excuse when I can simply surprise her?

Nine years ago I asked her to marry me... I have been so blessed that she said yes. We now have 4 beautiful children, and she has shown time after time what an amazing mother she is. She takes the time to read with them, play with them, and takes care of their every need. She manages our household so very well, working so hard to keep it clean and making it a sacred place. She dislikes cooking but does it anyway, putting us first. She has a vision for our home, and does so very well at implementing that vision. I am always glad to be home after a day of work.

She has a degree in Music because it was "easy" and she didn't "know what else to do" (her words). She loves to use this gift to teach our children how to play the piano. They are developing a love of music, and it is fun to listen to them as they practice the songs they have learned.

She also has a love of Architecture, and has spent countless hours of effort getting a second degree in it. She has a keen eye for what looks good, and loves to walk through any home she can just to see what it looks like (she doesn't forget any of the floor-plans that she sees). Because of her we are now in the process of building a beautiful home that will be a perfect fit for our growing family. In the mean time she has made our temporary housing into a home where we can enjoy life as it comes at us.

More recently she has been "rescuing" old discarded furniture. Somehow she sees in these pieces of refuse a vision of a better future. I have seen it so many times in the last year that I no longer question what she wants to do, but simply question if we have the room to store whatever it is that she has rescued. Perhaps when our new home is complete I won't need to even ask this question...

Laura is definitely what I would call "socially gifted." She has great friends and really is a good friend herself. She can be a bit on the quiet and shy side but if you stop and actually listen you will find an amazing sense of humor, understanding and quality of conversation that is very engaging.

Her testimony of the restored gospel is something I have always looked up to and is one of the many qualities that drew me to her. She is loving and patient (especially with me), standing beside me in so many ways. Why she ever decided to marry me will be forever clouded in mystery!

Laura - you are every-bit the woman of my dreams. I truly do appreciate who you are and the sweet spirit that you bring into our home. You are an exceptional woman.

I love you, and just wanted to say thank you for being my wife!

Your devoted husband

PS - You are also gorgeous ... need I say more?


HeatherWasHere said...

Amen! :)

Bridian said...

That was so sweet. My husband better guest post on MY blog someday!

Callie said...

That was sweet Jared! I couldn't agree more with you. Laura is pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome, Jared! Linda a sua declaracao de amor! Laura is all this and more. Love and miss you, Guys!

Lisa said...

Awwwww!!! I love you both. What an awesome post.