Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Life of Crime and A Hole

This is not meant to be my complaining blog, but... THOSE STINKIN' LOUSY NO GOOD LEHI COPS!!! And by "those" I mean the one that pulled me over and gave me a ticket for going the same 40 MPH as the 4 cars in front of me on a main road marked at 30 MPH, previously unknown to me. I'm new here, remember? I guess you have a better chance of not getting pulled over as a modestly-dressed-white-mom-driving-a-mini-van-full-of-kids in South Florida than you do in Lehi, Utah, where, let's face it, you are one in a thousand (or so). The drawbacks of living in a low crime area, you're the one they are after. The only time Jared or I have ever gotten pulled over was in Utah. Go figure, and welcome to Utah.

Just having a bad week, I guess. I wallowed about the ticket for more than an hour, but I'm over it. (That last paragraph helped quite a bit, actually). I wallowed mostly at the library where they denied me a card due to my not bringing mail from our current address. What a waste of a trip, and what a sour, cranky mom I was (am). Connor kept handing me a board book called "I Am Happy," in which he was no doubt trying to tell me, without words, to buck up. Or that he himself is a truly happy child despite his mother's issues.

The external stresses have caused me to feel pretty cranky and on edge lately, and the poor kiddos are the victims of my rage. The whining of a certain child has been particularly nerve-grating lately. Her whining makes my mood worse, and I'm sure my mood has allowed her whining to escalate. I need a drink... Just joking. It just felt like the right thing to say.

But since this is not a complaining blog, not exclusively anyway... good news, we have a hole! Our house, that is. We've been driving by for weeks now hoping for some action, but up till now our lot has only been a good place to store a pile of our neighbor's dirt. Yesterday we saw that they had actually begun our house. It seems as though 5:00 came and they just went home, 3/4 of the way through. Today it looks like they finished the digging (but no camera today). Pretty exciting. Now when we drive by at 3 MPH multiple times a day, sure, we are still stalkers, but at least our neighbors have a hole to put to our faces. We haven't been to the ward yet, but it is evident that there is no shortage of families exactly like us. "Yeah, there's 20 kids in that circle alone ages 3-7," someone informed us today. Talk about completely different from Florida. I hope that's a good thing. Our kids will never get any homework done with so many kids around.

We were so excited to see our hole that we all jumped out of the car and began walking around it and snapping pictures, and then I realized that we had left Connor in the car (no worries, the doors were still open). He was just happy as can be sucking his bottle.Here are some pictures of what happens here every day:

Marissa and her twin cousin, Kayla, dress like princesses on a regular basis. Sometimes on the swings, sometimes holding dolls, sometimes holding swords, usually sticky with whatever they've eaten and almost always together. So cute!
Alex and his buddy, Jacob, are always busy with something: catching bugs, sword fighting, jumping out windows, eating popsicles out of both of their freezers, and this day, making a birthday cake out of Trios. There is never a dull moment with them, or any of them come to think of it.Erin and her slightly older girl cousin, Rebekah playing out of the same piano book together. These two seem to always have a plan: cutting up jeans and sewing miniature quilts, designing elaborate bug homes, acting out David and Goliath for FHE and thinking up fun games on the trampoline.I can't forget that Erin reads to the kids every day, all on her own. No doubt they've all come to the realization that their mom has gotten too lazy for that.And then there is Connor, constantly moving and getting into everything, as any 14 month old should, adding to the lovely chaos around him. It's just a matter of time before the cousin half a year younger than him will be gallivanting around with him too. This one shows him preparing to beat someone with the broom while coloring parts of his body green with this open marker. He's pretty talented. Question: When did this kid get to be so big?
One can't forget Jared's presence in the house. There seems to be quite a fly problem here due to a mink farm in the proximity (not to mention the smell). It was becoming more than Jared could handle, as in he used to catch them in his bare hands and slam them hard to their death. So he purchased an electrified fly swatter that he uses inside daily, usually around dinner time, and sometimes outside when he runs out of them in here. He seems to have a little too much fun electrocuting flies, especially when it makes a big popping sound.None of me because, 1- I already posted the no bangs picture last time and 2- do you really want to see what I looked like after my run-in with the law and the library nazi today? Yeah, me neither.


HeatherWasHere said...

You always make me laugh, Laura. Hooray for your hole!!!!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Yay a hole!!! Keep your criminal ways from FL outta this state will ya?! JK!!!