Thursday, June 9, 2011


I probably shouldn't be writing right now, but I need some kind of release, I guess. It's the in between stage right now. We've made the decision to move, Jared has a job, the moving company is already scheduled to come and our house is about 30 minutes from being show ready--maybe even less, which is usually unheard of around here. There's a broken up bagel on the floor, as well as some Cheerios, some spilled soy sauce, a few drops of grape juice, and a dumped out dish of cat food. I'm eating dried apple slices out of an open can of food storage because that's not going with us. Chicken nuggets are in the oven as an effort to clear out the freezer, and also to keep the kids alive and less cranky. The kids are playing [semi]-quietly with some foam geometric shapes that Erin inherited from her first grade teacher for some reason. Alex is playing the piano intermittently and a shirtless Marissa is a cry away from getting put down for a much needed nap. The baby is still asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I should be making meals to use up all that food in the freezer, but ugh... that's cooking. Maybe tomorrow. I could be getting rid of my paint and flammable items. Let me know if you want any, paint that is. I should be doing all the things in Florida that I won't get to do again. Maybe another day. I could be changing my email address or organizing my primary stuff or planning a get together for Erin's friends. I could even be taking a shower, since that never happened today. But mostly I feel antsy, to the point of being somewhat paralyzed. Is that normal? All the house projects are done, and I can't start anything new. The TV service has already been canceled, as well as our gym memberships. All of our library books have been returned (I believe). We've made almost all of our arrangements in Utah. Now it's just the waiting game. Waiting to leave, yes, but mostly waiting for our house to sell. I know it hasn't even been a week yet, but it's still disheartening to think about everything else that is out there and wondering if anyone will see anything in our house. I've done everything I could to make this house sell-able, but still... What if nobody wants it? I'm not worried about anything else right now, except for that. It is out of my control.

This week I have just wanted to be done, to be gone from Florida. Not because I don't like it here or because I don't want to spend time with friends here, but because of this paralyzing feeling of not being able to do anything. This will pass, quickly too. In two weeks from today we will be on our way. On another nostalgic note, today was Erin's last day of school. Her last day of that school. It was my last hot walk across the road to pick her up. She passed, by the way. First grade, that is. Now we are on to some unknown school for second grade. At least it will be a new school year, but as a parent you always worry about your child's well-being. Especially Erin. I know she will do well academically, but I really hope she is able to find good friends. At least she'll have Alex. They are so lucky to have each other. They are all lucky to have each other.

Here's hoping that everything works out the way it is supposed to!


Mrs. Potts said...

I know that feeling. The anticipation is really annoying sometimes. But... okay, this was really nosy of me... I googled your address because I was curious to see the listing (just dreaming of home ownership) and I think your house looks fantastic. It will definitely sell, and fast. And your kids will adjust beautifully and make new friends at their new home. They are great kids.

Also, I'd love to look at your paint and rummage through anything else you're leaving behind. Are you seriously not taking your food storage? Or just not the sliced apples? Because we would probably buy some of it from you. Let me know.

Callie said...

I've never been a good waiter. I hate that you feel like it's Hurry up and get everything ready and then wait. Can't wait to have you close!!! Cooking on a regular basis is overrated! Hang in there!

Jacob and Cami said...

If you need to get your mind off the waiting your welcome to come over and help me finish some unfinished projects!(Bring your paint!) Or just hang out, that's fun too.

Heather said...

well - i think you're amazing for having all that done. selling a house while living in it is tricky for certain. You can be glad you only have a few weeks, huh. I know that paralyzed feeling. I always have it when there is some worry with family across the country... or too much to do at home and i don't know where to start... anticipation does that. sigh... good luck! We'll be glad to see ya'll more often. thanks for stopping by while you were here. It was fun to see you. And thanks for enduring my cluttery home.

Marinda said...

you basically explained how i am feeling right now. we have had the house for sale for a month and have had numerous phone calls and a few showings, but no offers yet. i am worried about it but hate that it is totally out of my control. i just have to hope that someone thinks it's the house for them, right? i kinda don't want to move for a couple of months because then we won't have to live very long on my in-law's basement, but the idea of having the house sold and that worry taken care of would be so nice. it's weird though with our ward... it kind of feels like they've written us off and we're not even gone yet! ouch.

Marinda said...

sorry this is so long, but i feel antsy too! there was a house that sold down the street and the people moved last week. now, don't get me wrong- i'm not thinking that it will be a fun process to move, but i kinda thought those people were lucky because they are getting to move on while we are "stuck" here until someone buys our house. argh. AND it's weird when you know that you are leaving, that the little things that normally don't bug you- REALLY start to irritate you because you know you're going to be moving on soon. does that make sense? anyway, i told janice we need to have a "welcome" party when you arrive... so get ready for some wild and crazy fun!